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5/12/12 5/26/12 6/2/12

what will the gang do today......

Alik Pavlov joined the party

Leaving the inn on the way north to recover a bar in Sindweth.

Fought a Lumbering Giant with a puffy face and defeated it.

Came upon a Colosseum that looks abandoned for a long time.

There is a flag with a fist in a spiked gauntlet on it.

Blood bath Colosseum of Kuro a lawful evil deity.

It was destroyed by a band of adventurers a long time ago.

Fought bandit gnolls they have with them hyaenodon. Defeated them all.

Sindweth is on fire buring to the ground.

Necron the Kale hunter was defeated

Verdorbanon's sister was saved.

Lars is rebuilding a bar.