Ahldi Garamond

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Senator Ahldi Garamond
Full name Ahldi Garamond
Race Human
Age 32
Height 5'10
Weight thin
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Skin covered completely
Class Alchemist // Shadowcaster
Alignment Lawful Neutral



Ahldi initially appeared a charismatic young man dressed in crimson robes. However since he started to dabble in shadow magic, his new look is wrapped in clothes of various dark colors, completely covering his entire body, including his face. Ahldi also has a companion: an ice mephit by the name of Slink


Ahldi is ambitious, but not without lack of morality. He is diplomatic, and would rather talk things out than combat them if necessary. He is not above using anything he can to benefit himself in the long run. Ahldi is also inventive, and enjoys dabbling in arcane constructions that could be used to better the world, especially if he is getting credit for it. He specialized in light spells, though with the advancement of Sammael he has recently started to dabble in shadow magic as well.


Ahldi Garamond is a wizard from Minayas, specializing in light spells. He came to Nox with the intention of resolving the problem of eternal night within the city, in efforts to promote his political career as a senator. However when he arrived, the problem proved to be too much for him to handle. He assisted the Traveling Circus in fighting the orc horde from behind the walls of Nox. After the party destroyed the orb, they allowed him to take credit for its destruction in effort to push his politial campaign. In return, he promised the Traveling Circus to use his political position to assist them however he could, and furthermore, his taking credit avoids putting heat upon the party for the destruction of the orb, thus preventing possible future enemies.

Ahldi used the credit of the Nox events to secure a political position in Minayas. With his new-found power, he has been attempting to pass legislation that will help to counter the corruption that has been recently developing in Palis. He has also used his wealth to develop a laboratory, where he has been developing various weaponry to assist with the efforts of the Traveling Circus. He has also met with Maurice Axious on several occasions, where he has been asked to develop weaponry for Palis as well.

When the threat of Sammael emerged, he began to develop weapons to assist the Travelling Circus and got assistance in funding from Logan Amir to provide with new equipment for this purpose. When the Sindweth Council arrived, it turned out that Logan had intended to use the weapons against them all along, and a fight broke out. The golem Ahldi was crafting for the Travelling Circus was completely destroyed, and additionally an unwise sorcerer Mercertir had set his lab on fire, killing nearly everyone. Ahldi expelled everyone from his lab and warned them all never to return.

Out of Game Information

Ahldi was named after Adlai Stevenson, based on the myth that Gogo from FF6 was made after Adlai Stevenson. His last name is a font. Ahldi also dresses in a manner similar to Gogo.