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Full name Ariston Orchimalus
Race Human
Age ageless, 25 at Cataclysm
Birthday April 15
Height 6'4
Weight built
Hair black
Eyes brown
Skin olive
Class Cleric
Alignment Lawful Evil

Ariston is one of the Seven Heroes of the Cataclysm. Despite his alignment, he sought to put an end to the evil reign of Sammael and the two kingdoms, ultimately in effort to establish his own. He is actively the ruler of Akert.



Ariston appears as a large man with a thick black beard and long black hair. He dresses in bronze plate mail adorned with regalia of serpents. Outside of the battlefield, Ariston dresses in silk clothing, generally colored in black, red, and gold.



Out of Game Information

Ariston is my father's most popular and powerful cleric. The name is Greek in origin, and does not stem from any one particular character, but is the name of several Greek kings and writers.