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Full name Arniel of Desla
Race Human
Age 26
Height 6' 1"
Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Class Gestalt - Hexblade // Warlock
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (with Good tendencies)
Played By Nick Iannetta

Arniel was a member of the Sindweth council, and an all-around badass.



Born to a witch of Arioch, Arniel was raised by her coven outside the city of Desla. At the age of 16, as with other males, he was cast out of the coven and forced to live on his own. Arniel eventually made his way into the city of Desla proper and got by for the next few years doing odd jobs for a local innkeeper. By the time he reached the age of 19, Arniel's employer had died, and with no surviving relatives, left the inn to Arniel. Arniel, as the new innkeeper, was now making a living wage and took up brewing to drum up new business, eventually mixing the arts of brewing and alchemy to make cutting-edge concoctions. This newly found success eventually attracted the attention of a local protection racket. Arniel refused to pay the local racket and was beat and his inn was burned to the ground. Swearing revenge, Arniel realized he must first learn how to fight.

Arniel made contact with a Donar-Kor missionary, who upon hearing his plight, agreed to train him in the ways of combat under one condition: That Arniel not actively seek out vengeance upon those who had burned down his livelihood. Over the next year, Arniel trained with his master, learning the way of the warhammer. The intense training eventually unlocked his latent eldritch abilities, which he learned to weave into combat. Shortly after completing training, Arniel answered a want-ad posted at a local tavern that was looking for an adventurer with magical abilities. Arniel answered this advertisement, but it turned out to be a ruse by Logan Amir to find someone that could help power his drilling machine.


  • The destruction of his inn and subsequent training and imprisonment has taught him not to get tied down with owning land and properties.
  • Likes to create and drink his own alcoholic beverages.
  • Flirts with women, but doesn't harm or otherwise take advantage of them.


Arniel has a tall, thin build, but is insanely strong for his lack of apparent muscle growth. He says it has something to do with the strength of Donar-Kor and eldritch heritage flowing through his blood. His skin is a medium bronze color, owing to the hot Deslan climate. His standard attire is a black duster covering a chain shirt, blue jeans, and black leather boots. In hotter climates he also tends to wear a dark wide brimmed hat to shade his head and neck. His hair is black and about chin length all around. He wears leather gloves to help grip his earth breaker.

Fighting Style

Foregoing defense, Arniel prefers to fight up close with a large warhammer. He is able to channel his eldritch energies to improve the destructive power of his warhammer. If he is unable to reach his foes, he prefers to channel his eldritch energy into a medium-long range blast.

Arniel has a permanently summoned "Dark Companion" that is able to make nearby foes easier to hit.

While not a "fighting" style, Arniel is able to create potions to help out the party.


Arniel was one of the original members of the Sindweth council, along with Bodil, Maiko, Reiko, and Katri. He and Bodil were used as the batteries in Logan's drilling machine. After escaping the mine and making their way through Lumbertown, brought down a small dragon outside of the town. Shortly thereafter, he was instrumental in rescuing Feyleen from the brothel.

Some other feats of awesomeness:

  • Entertained Karl by defeating him in a duel.
  • Had an ongoing relationship with the Elf Queen Sharazel, much to the disgust of her steward.
  • Arniel was haunted by Dr. Jest for a short time. Dr. Jest got careless and approached Arniel while invisible, not knowing Arniel was able to see invisible objects. Dr. Jest then got beaten to a literal pulp and then lit on fire.
  • Killed Andrea Amir in one hit.
  • Was eaten by a demon tree and cut his way out from the inside using a hammer.
  • As a mortal, able to hold his own in a drinking contest while visting the Realm of Heroes.
  • Ran like a little girl when encountering that frog dragon.

Arniel was killed in battle at Morgana MaLace's ice palace after the party was set upon by a horde of frost giants and frost wolves. He now inhabits the Realm of Heroes. He was later inadvertently ressurected as part of the ritual to resurrect Lutz Darkwind. He and Lutz started making their way toward Desla in order to stop Logan Amir from conjuring the evil lich king Cleac Amir.

While travelling toward Desla, in the Palatian city of Aurora, both Arniel and Lutz came under the spell of the witch Iris MaLace. Iris' henchmen broke into the house of XXX where he was "sleeping" and subdued Arniel while Iris performed her domination ritual. As a show of her control Iris then forced Arniel to murder XXX. Iris and Arniel then headed into the Red Mountains to attempt to slow or stop the party. At this point Arniel and Lutz were separated.

Arniel, along with Iris, a Shadow Dragon, an undead Valanch, Sharazel (who had been taken hostage by Arniel), and others (Joe can you fill in the details), encountered the Council in a mountain pass. The forces of Iris were made quick work of, and Arniel was thrown off a cliff by Alliya. Arniel was rescued in mid-air by the Shadow Dragon while Iris escaped using a teleportation spell.

The council next encountered Arniel on the train to Logan's Clocktower in Desla. This time the party was prepared for the encounter and managed to break the enchantment placed by Iris. Arniel then collapsed unconscious while his mind recovered from what it was put through. About an hour later he had awoke as the train was arriving at the clocktower. He and Dieter Schmidt first focused on killing the Wereshark, Hakarl. After Hakarl fell, he set upon the dragonkin with the help of Toby and Alliya. Once the dragonkin fell, Arniel helped down the Shadow Dragon and the succubus posing as Sir Mathius. After an hour of recovery, Iris and Cleac emerged for the penultimate battle. While Cleac was miraculously slain by Adrianna, Arniel, Schmidt, Alliya, and Reiko concentrated on slaying Iris. Schmidt managed to implale Iris on his sword, and as Reiko missed on a flanking attack, Arniel saw an opening and smashed Iris with his earth-breaker, exacting vengeance on the one who forced him to commit such evil.

Once the evil threat was dealt with Arniel rushed back to Sindweth to free Sharazel from jail. As he arrived, Sharazel was exonerated by Aielwyn herself, who had diguised herself as the town drunk, Bill Belmondo. Arniel stayed put in Sindweth, running both the beer hall and a monthly mixed martial arts tournament. He also had a memorial built commerating the sacrifices made by the Council of Sindweth and their allies, especially the fallen - Maiko, Ivan, Rocky, Büd, Reginald, and Lutz.

Every other week he visits Sharazel in Zelyta, sometimes Aielwyn tags along for some extra fun. For now, Arniel has shrugged off Sharazel's attempts to "formalize" the alliance between Sindweth and Zelyta. Sindweth has since become a thriving trade center as it sits on the road between the Bright Cities, the Elven Kingdom, and the empire of Tianoku.

T H E    E N D

(unless we decide to have another campaign set in the east)

Interactions with other members of the party

  • Maiko & Reiko: He can't tell the two apart, but he gets along well with the both of them. Arniel was initially suspicious of Maiko, since both characters tended toward leadership roles. Over the course of their adventures, both Arniel and Maiko began to trust each other (at least in combat), and have become really effective when coordinating tactics, playing to everyone's strengths.
  • Katri: Arniel likes the sight of a female dwarf covered in blood, even if she's enraged. Giggity.
  • Bodil: Respects a fellow worshiper of Donar-Kor. He is intrigued by her gnome-built blunderbuss, as he has never seen such a device.
  • Vincent: Vincent may be a straight-laced paladin, but he has proven himself to be a valuable ally in a time of need.
  • Feyleen: Somewhat offput by her psychotic demeanor and loner attitude, but he realizes she's thankful that he didn't take advantage of her when he had the chance. He hopes that given time, he can calm her down and steer her away from vengeance, lest she become a monster herself.
  • Ivan Balboavich: Arniel was suspicious of Ivan, as he was from the same holy order as Sir Mathius. After Ivan's death in the defense of Sindweth, Arniel realized that he was wrong about Ivan. Arniel and the rest if the party commissioned a statue to be build in front of the beerhall in to honor Ivan's sacrifice.
  • Nome: Arniel felt like a wise older brother to Nome, and started Nome's path toward becoming more combat oriented. Unfortunately, Arniel had died before Nome's training was complete. He was very pleased at Nome's progress after the final battle.
  • Büd: Büd's time with the party was short, and Arniel doesn't remember much about him, other than he died with a "jerb".
  • Reginald: Although Reginald was not with the party for very long, Arniel had a feeling that Reginald wasn't right in the head. This suspicion was confirmed upon Reginald's death.
  • Toby: Arniel's strapping young personal manservant. His rock punching ability would have come in handy when the party was still enslaved in the mine.
  • Rocky: Arniel admires Rocky's combat prowess when riding a horse and recognizes him as the only one in the party that could serve as a challenge in a drinking contest.

Out of Game Information

Arniel was named after a minor NPC in Skyrim.

In writing this, I realized that the campaign started as Caryne, Lauren, Crystal, Eric, and myself. We've grown lately.

Arniel drifted more toward Chaotic Good after his resurrection and redemption (what I wrote of him in the epilogue). He probably would have ended up that way at character creation had the class alignment restrictions been more open. Hexblade is any non-good. Warlock is any evil or any chaotic.


The Sindweth Council