Atilius Severus

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Atilius Severus
Full name Atilius Severus
Race Dragonblood Human
Age 41
Height 6'1
Weight thin
Hair black
Eyes yellow
Skin pale
Class Hexblade
Alignment Lawful Evil



Atilius is a tall pale man dressed in multi colored armor and cloak. He has yellow eyes and appears nothing short of sinister.



Atilius is a spokesman for the church of Thax-Thalna. He receives prophetic visions from his Dragon Goddess and has thus been placed as a prominent members among her orders. He is considered to be a high figure among the Order of the Lily in particular.

When the war broke out, he sided with Alban faction against the Empire of Alemaania, primarily out of revenge for the Alemaanian military having chased out the Order of the Lily some years before. He lent his assistance to Sir Guyas in the form of dragons and draconians.

He returned to the north where he received a prophetic vision to attempt to take an ORB as his own via attacking the Traveling Circus. Leading a group of draconic warriors, he declared his queen was in heavier need of the orb than the party. He was then interrupted by Bethuel, who had appeared as a voice and sent forth a brood of kythons to attack the party and the draconians. The resulting battle led to the death of Atilius.

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