Aust Liadon

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Aust Liadon
Full name Aust Liadon
Race Elf Werebat
Age Unknown
Height about 5'
Weight about 100 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Class Druid
Prestige None
Alignment True Neutral


Back Story

Aust Liadon was a recluse druid whose idea of "good company" involved winged rodents. He despises human contact and only reluctantly joined a group of adventurers. However, the experience changed him forever. He became an expert summoner whose flock of dire bats killed many foes. A well recounted story tells of Aust's bats dropping giants from great heights and letting them splatter on rocks below. Aust himself began an interesting transformation towards becoming a bat, growing bat-like wings because of his long association with them and the magical energy he was harnessing. Before the final showdown with Red Wulf, Aust was bitten by a Were-Bat and contracted the disease himself, however, he controlled the transformation with his wild shape powers. He embraced the disease as a gift of nature and it increased his powers significantly. After the confrontation with Red Wulf, Aust disappeared to parts unknown to escape contact with society.

Interaction with the Traveling Circus

The Traveling Circus encountered Aust in a forest by Tianoku which he promptly ran them out of after they assisted him in clearing the forest of intruders. Why he asked for their help when he was clearly capable of doing it himself is unknown, however one can assume he had his reasons. He is the only being know to cast the Epic spell "Spell of Infinite Wonder" which caused butterflies, elephants, and a wide range of other traumatic effects to "assist" the party in getting out of Aust's forest. His animal companion was nowhere to be seen. Aust has clearly only grown in strength since his seclusion resumed.

Out of Game Information

Aust was previously played by Max and led to the banning of summon-centric casters and began the phrase "it's still the druid's turn" While Joe says summon-heavy characters "take too long to do anything" Max believes the real reason is that Max destroyed an entire nights worth of questing by summoning several Thoqqua which burrowed through the stone foundation of Joe's tower and made it collapse. And there was much laughter.


Joe will note that this had less to do with the awesomeness of the watchtower destruction, and more to do with the massive swarm of giant bats picking up giants and launching them repeatedly into a foggy entangling stone spikey mess... if I recall correctly.