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Titles The Shining Sun, The Holy Light, The Great Beacon, The White Flame, The Bearer of Light, Lord of Radiance
Rank Greater Male Deity
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio sunlight, healing, strength
Domains Fire, Good, Healing, Protection, Strength, Sun
Weapon Mace

The church of Belenar-Sol was founded in the last days of the Lath when Dyaus-Oter was thought to have forsaken them to the sea. The city of Lath now holds the largest cathedral to Belenar-Sol, and the church is also the state religion of the HIEA. Despite being one of the eldest of the gods, the church is relatively new, as Belenar-Sol did not actively seek followers until he felt that the world was in dire need of his assistance, after the Great Cataclysm. Priests of Belenar-Sol generally dress in bright colors, generally orange and yellow, though reds and greens are not uncommon. The church is both a powerful leader in healing, as well as destruction of undead and protection from the forces of evil. Notable members of the church are St. Charne and St. Ricardo.

Basic Information



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The kinds of missions a deity sends its followers on depend heavily on alignment, portfolio, and historical rivalries.


Each religion has its own way of communicating with the deity. Players of clerics or other devout PCs can alter their speech to correspond with their religious tradition when speaking in character.

Clergy & Temples

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Cleric Training

How the deity acquires and teaches new followers—especially clerics—varies widely from god to god. Most religions are broad enough to encompass many sects, so not every cleric has undergone the particular training described.


Places of worship, called temples here for consistency’s sake, vary from Obad-Hai’s oak groves to the stainedglass cathedrals of Pelor. Many provide healing, information, or other services to those allied with their faith.


Different religions celebrate and honor different in different ways, depending on the deity’s portfolio and alignment. Player characters can take part in—or try to disrupt—the ceremonies of a particular deity.

Notable Followers

Out of Game Information

The name Belenar-Sol comes from the Celtic sun god Belenus, also frequently translated as Belenar. Sol is an obvious reference to the sun as well and makes identifying the deity as a sun god easy. Belenar-Sol's domains fit that of any sun god, such as Pelor, and Lathander.