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Full name Bethuel
Race Aasimar
Age 33
Birthday June 6
Height 6'2
Weight thin
Hair black
Eyes gold
Skin pale
Class Cleric/Monk
Prestige Sacred Fist
Alignment Lawful Evil

Bethuel is one of the Seven Disciples. Also known as the Black Rider


Bethuel appears as a dark cloaked angelic figure of indeterminate gender. He was initially seen often riding a black dragon. When not appearing simply clad, Bethuel will go for extravagant, exposing his large black wings and blue flame from his palms.


Bethuel displays a dark disposition and raw power with a calm demeanor. In truth, he is a complete nihilist. While Waldorf Goodhue, Oscar, and the other Disciples wanted to summon Sammael to control him, Bethuel wished to assist him in releasing Azmon-Toth onto the world, thus ending all of existence.


Bethuel discovered he was the descendant of the fallen angel Sammael, and immediately sought to restore him. He began by seeking the assistance of a warlock sage named Sasha Mihailovich, soon after appealing to various individuals who commanded political power and desired more. He lead them all to believe that Sammael could be controlled, and they would all be able to conquer the world with his power. With this information, they set several plans into motion, starting with killing the heir of Sir Henry.

The Disciples all set out to search for the Orbs of Thessala. Bethuel contracted Shamus McDoogle to cut down several wooded areas around the world in search of the orbs. He also conspired with other evil creatures within The Holy Illuminated Empire of Alemaania, such as a doppleganger and a Kale warlock, to search for the orbs as well.

When the witch Morgana MaLace was discovered using an orb to create a perpetual winterland within Alemaania, Bethuel immediately made his way there. When he arrived, he came upon The Traveling Circus and Lutz Darkwind, the latter who heroically sacrificed himself so the others could escape her cave. He followed them to the city of Burne, though he was unable to find them. His dragon was slain by Burnian Artillery, and he discovered the mage Geoffry had helped them to escape. He killed Geoffry and left Alemaania to seek these new heroes.

Later he arrived in the Realm of Heroes riding the zombie of his dragon, in attempt to acquire the ORBs from the Travelling Circus. Upon this meeting, he killed Varwen.