Count Farish

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Count Farish
Full name Count Farish
Race Bronze Elf
Age ageless
Birthday Dec 26
Height 5'5
Weight thin
Hair pale green
Eyes green
Skin bronze
Class Sha'ir
Prestige Arcane Archer
Alignment True Neutral

Count Farish is one of the Seven Heroes of the Cataclysm. His role in the group is less known, though it seems he is largely responsible for the breaking up of the heroes. Currently resides in Hades



In Life

Count Farish appears as a noble elf warrior. He is dressed in a uniform of purple and gold. He has long green hair and wears a turban upon his head. He has pale skin and his eyes are green to match his hair.

In Hades

Count Farish appears more pale and dismal, almost ghostly. The pigments appear to have been drained from his skin as well as clothes. He bears a somber mood ruling over nearly non-sentient creatures of melted flesh.



Out of Game Information

To complement the character Reighna, Farish was named after the Pirate Faris from Final Fantasy V. Though I kicked around the idea of them being siblings, I ultimately decided against it. Farish's uniform color matches the hair color of the character.