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Full name Deathgar
Race Orc
Age 16
Birthday Jan 13
Height 6'3
Weight tall
Hair black
Eyes red
Skin green
Class Fighter/Paladin
Class Blackguard/Warrior of Darkness
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Deathgar is the Orc Champion of Kart-Hadast and leader of the orc hordes. He is also one of the Seven Disciples seeking the ORBs. The Traveling Circus encountered him when he sent an invasion force of orcs to Nox. Though he proved nearly invulnerable to the Traveling Circus, when things were looking bleak he used an unholy symbol of unknown origin to escape. He also is responsible for the death of Count Farish. He was killed in the Battle of Sammael's Ressurection.



Deathgar appears as a tall orc dressed in large armor bearing the skulls of several worthy enemies. He always has a stern look about him and wields a massive flail into combat.


Deathgar is very intelligent for an orc, and seems to have a expansive knowledge of strategy. Though not necessarily honorable, he always seeks a worthy opponent in combat. He seems to have true concern about his people, and actively tries to unite orc tribes against the human cities.


Rise of the Champion

Deathgar was born in the orc city of Kart-Hadast. Though he was not born to any high position, he quickly rose to be respected by the other orcs for his strength and as well as leadership ability. In his first assignment, Deathgar sent his armies to the city of Kadum, and managed to wrestle it away from the men of Valdaar. After securing position there, he allied with the evil wizard Dolgan Daxor and his brother Limongelo. The three of them made an assault on surrounding areas of Valdaar, and managed to kill Chaz Valdamir and his wife. It was not until after they returned to Kadum that Valdaar was able to recover.

Orc loyalties with Deathgar started to fade as his association with several human wizards was viewed as weakness and a betrayal to orc kind. Nonetheless, he had the insight to realize that an alliance with users of arcane power was useful to the expansion of his kind in the short term. His reputation also caught the eyes of Waldorf Goodhue, and the two of them met with Deathgar to discuss a plan for world dominance. Learning of the seven ORBs, he agreed to become one of the Seven Disciples. Deathgar held an anterior motive, and intended to use the power of the ORBs to conquer the world for all orc kind.

The orc armies moved then back to Kart-Hadast and off through Akert. Deathgar made a deal with Ariston to allow his armies passage through the lands of Akert. Shortly after he met with Gorthag Darkhide and Jamal. The orcish hordes then made their way to Yarsalm, and quickly defeated the forces of Yalsalm and their Palatian allies. During the raid, Deathgar met with Count Farish and after a brief duel, Deathgar made quick work of Farish. As Farish tried to escape, Deathgar went into a frenzy and destroyed him. Knowing that killing Farish would make things more difficult for Waldorf's enemies, Deathgar then decided to go forth with his next goal. Deathgar's forces used Yalsalm as a rally point, and mobilized for Nox.

Invasion of Nox

It was easy to gather orcs from as far as Kadum to the Red Mountains when it was discovered that the city was blanketed in an eternal night. Any ideas of Deathgar by the orc tribes for his previous associations had been forgotten. Deathgar knew the darkness was caused by one of the ORBs, though he joyed at the idea of keeping an artifact that rendered his armies more powerful against his human enemies. Waldorf intentionally turned a blind eye toward Deathgar's forces, and they made it to the gates of Nox unimpeded.

Among the defenders of Nox were its Captain Viktor Belenko, the Traveling Circus members George Cooper, Mormak, Valeron, Vintingle and Eduardo, as well as Varwen, Guz Gunny, Gabriel Holmwood, and Ahldi Garamond. Sometime after the orc hordes set siege, the charged out to meet Deathgar's armies. Deathgar, appalled to see Guz and Mormak allying with the humans against their own kinsmen, attempted to persuade them to join his army. Guz was very defiant against him, though Mormak had considered the proposal before urged by the rest of the Circus to attack. Despite overwhelming odds, the defenders fought extremely well under Viktor's leadership. Jamal was killed in the battle, and after Guz Gunny destroyed the ORB with his sword Reighna, the night vanished, leaving the hordes very demoralized. Deathgar was forced to flee, though his companion Gorthag had captured Vintingle.

Recovery and Redemption

What remained of the horde was destroyed in a surprise attack by Ikakuji forces. Deathgar and Gorthag fled to the Red Mountains, while Vintingle, having endured much torture in Gorthag's hands, had escaped in the caves. Deathgar was then informed by Waldorf to gather an army and make way to Kalishistan, where he was to assist Hansjeorg and Goblykhan - two other disciples - in collecting the ORB there. Managing to muster a large army from the Red Mountains, he made his way south, but was unfortunately stopped by the Order of the Twofold Bridge, led by Varwen, Asmund, and Axel Velsingr. The forces were evenly matched, and both sides suffered heavy casualties. Deathgar had captured Axel, though his forces were in ruin, and he was unable to assist the assault on Kalishistan.

Deathgar was informed by Waldorf that the siege was largely successful, and was invited back to join the Disciples despite his failures. He then awaited the collection of the last of the ORBs so they could begin the ritual. The ritual commenced when the party entered Sammael's chamber in Palis. Deathgar charged the party in attempt to kill them off, and despite his frenzy, he suffered from intense damages and was subsequently locked in a stone chamber and died.