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Major Dieter Schmidt
Full name Major Dieter Conrad Schmidt von Zell
Race Human
Age 32
Height 5' 10"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Gold
Eyes Blue
Affiliation Holy Illuminated Empire of Alemaania
Deity Belenar-Sol
Class Gestalt - Paladin // Warmage
Alignment Lawful Good
Played By Nick Iannetta



Dieter is the eldest son of Duke Conrad Werner Schmidt Von Zell, and heir to the Duchy of Zell, located in the west-central portion of the Holy Illuminated Empire of Alemaania. He was schooled, like every young male nobleman, at the Rikstead Military Academy, dabbling in both the martial and the arcane. It was here he also learned the art of diplomacy, the languages of rival states, basic field medicine, histories of Alemaania and the surrounding region, and the philosophy of religions. Due to his proficiency with the arcane, Dieter was selected for a year of training at the Imperial Arcanum, where his skills would be honed in order to become a battlemage. At the age of 23, Dieter graduated 8th in his class of 120 and received his commission within the Imperial Armed Forces, with the rank of Leutnant.

Dieter was assigned to the lead the 3rd Platoon, 1st Company, 1st Battlemage Battalion, under the overall command of Oberstleutnant Klaus Reinhardt. His first deployment was on the southern edge of the empire, near the border of Lath. The assignment was defensive in nature; their presence would hopefully slow down a potential Lathian invasion force. That invasion would never come, so much of Dieter's time was spent keeping his troops prepared and trained. Many of the enlisted battlemages under Schmidt's command were children (both male and female) of small-time merchants, most volunteered but there were a number of conscripts. These children generally had enough of an education to build upon for battlemage training. The children were too well-educated to be wasted on infantry, and many didn't know how to ride a horse, so were not cut out for cavalry. Furthermore, families were too poor for higher education required of doctors, engineers, or officers. Even so, Dieter's troops, at first, often struggled to cast simple spells like "Magic Missile". Despite this, Dieter began an intensive training program to whip his troops into shape.

While grueling at first, the platoon soon was a force to be reckoned with. To keep the morale up, Dieter would often throw feasts, at personal expense, to celebrate new training milestones and victories during competition with other platoons. During the feasts, he would relax fraternization regulations for that night only. Enlisted battlemages are the only area in the Imperial Army where men and women fight alongside each other. Tension between genders often ran high, and there was no nearby town with easy access to civilians for that sort of activity. After six months his platoon was receiving high marks during training exercises and Dieter was promoted to the rank of Oberleutnant. His platoon was recognized as the most improved over the course of the year.

While his promotion kept him in the same command of the same theatre, Schmidt began teaching other officers his training methods to improve overall battalion readiness. After two years in this position, he was promoted to Captain and reassigned to the Schattenrittern.

The Schatternrittern were a group of holy knights that kept Alemaania's expansive northeastern borders safe from goblyn incursions. Operating in small groups of 5-10 knights, Dieter would act as battlefield support and a reserve field medic. Eventually demonic invasions would come to displace the goblyn hordes, which made Dieter execl in combat even more. At the age of 31, he was promoted to the rank of Major.


Generally pragmatic, Dieter attempts to solve problems diplomatically and use force as a last resort. Dieter sees all intelligent humanoids (Human, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome) as equals, regardless of gender. To him (and many other Alemaanians), Orcs, Goblins, and other ilk are more closely related to animals. Like many Alemaanians, he abhors slavery and respects an honest day's work.

Fighting Style

When facing large groups of hostiles, Dieter likes to sit back and use long range, area of effect spells. His signature spell in this situation is Fireball. When facing large single targets, Dieter has the ability to either use powerful single target spells, such as Scorching Ray, Acid Arrow, or Ice Knife, or if the target is evil he will more likely use his Smite Evil ability to deal massive amounts of damage in melee combat. Dieter can also act as a reserve healer, with limited uses of his Lay on Hands and Channel Positive Energy abilities. Schmidt is divinely bonded with a +2 Holy Bastard Sword.


Dieter first encountered the Sindweth Council on a standard patrol along the farthest outskirts of Alemaanian territory. The Council had just finished battling Morgana MaLace, and suffered the loss of Arniel and Valanch. While Dieter did not sense evil in the party, other knights detected a heavy dose of chaos, leading the paladin to assume the strangers were, at the very least, scoundrels. The party was detained for the night for their own safety. During a cursory inspection of the party's equipment, Valanch's magical sword Gröm was discovered. This sword was sentient and claimed that the Council had killed Valanch and stolen it from him.

Due to this accusation, the party was to be tried of murder. It was the party's word against the sword's, until the warforged Sentinel arrived in the courtroom and told the judge that the sword is a chronic liar and not to be trusted. The case was thrown out, and not a moment too soon as a magma elemental burst through the floor of the courtroom, killing the judge. Dieter, with the help of the Council, took care of the elemental without issue.

After witnessing the party's combat prowess, Dieter asked why the party was so far away from Tianoku and Sindweth. After much deliberation, the party decided to tell him about the bone fragments of Cleac Amir. Dieter decided to join with the party as this threat, although far removed from Alemaania, was still a grave threat to the security of the empire. The party first traveled to the city of XXX, home of the Alemaanian warforge. It was here that the foreman of the warforge YYY was seen conspiring with an agent of Logan Amir. Logan agent escaped and YYY was roughed up a little, but no evidence was found to indicate treason. Dieter went to speak about the incident to the army garrison commander in the city, but nothing was able to be done. Privately, Schmidt received orders to investigate possible arms sales to unauthorized individuals, although nothing would come up.

The last year and a half of the campaign happens here (save the last few sessions):

  • Attended Dahoni's Ball in Palais and was one of the few party members to get in without causing harm to others or using outright deceit.
  • Survived Dahoni's Maze.
  • Assisted in resurrecting Lutz and Arniel.
  • Pursued Lutz and Arniel after they were dominated by Iris MaLace.
  • Led the party through the lake of Haali and the extraplanar ball.
  • Helped free Sharazel after she was held hostage by Arniel and Iris MaLace.
  • Helped defuse the siege of Zelyta led by Sir Mathius, and helped minimize Bright soldier casualties after the elves summoned a large mud elemental.

Finale to come.

Interactions with other members of the party

  • Bodil:
  • Katri:
  • Maiko: Dieter sees Maiko as a shape-shifting scoundrel, and is bewildered at how she manages to do such good regardless of her behavior.
  • Nome:
  • Reiko:
  • Tobias: Dieter sees the freed slave seems as a liability when not in combat. Tobias often acts socially inept and distracting.
  • WizKat: A battlemage of equal skill as Dieter, he is quick to formulate and coordinate tactics with her.

Out of Game Information

Dieter's father is named after a quirky NPC from the Mass Effect Series
Zell is an actual town in Western Germany that I would often visit when I was over there for work.
Unfortunately due to RL commitments, I was unable to make many of the sessions that wrapped up the campaign, otherwise I think Dieter would have played a much larger role at the end.


The Sindweth Council