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Full name Dragovik
Race Hobgoblin Wererat
Age 28
Birthday March 19
Height 6'4
Weight thin
Hair brown
Eyes grey
Skin yellow
Class Paladin
Alignment Lawful Evil

Dragovik is a hobgoblin warlord. Initially seeking to destroy Goblykhan by military means, he ended up having to resort to magical means when this failed. Though his attempt to conjure forth an evil beast was misguided, he predicted in his death, the end of the world would follow.



Dragovik appears as a tall hobgoblin with rat-like features. He dresses in dark armor and over this he wears a large, yet elegant dress. He appears calm and in charge, though when truly threatened, his rat-like traits tend to show more.


Dragovik can be best described as delusional. While he is in fact a powerful warrior, he believes himself to be a goblin princess as well as a paragon of honor. While he will play himself off as regal and honorable in front of a lesser opponent, when threatened, Dragovik has no problem resorting to dirty tactics to see his deeds accomplished.


Dragovik was born in the Goblyn Lands and quickly rose to be a powerful warrior. His ability with weapons and domineering personality immediately attracted him a following of many hobgoblin warriors. However, his popularity caused him to make enemies of other leaders, such as Yasar and Goblykhan. Once he had a large enough following, he immediately saw to dispatch his rivals, Goblykhan being the first and foremost.

In his greatest effort to destroy his enemy, Dragovik struck a deal with the infamous weapons merchant Shamus McDoogle. While McDoogle was trading weapons to Dragovik, the soldiers loyal to him made camp outside the Alemaanian city of Burne. Dragovik had established a plan to conquer Burne, and use its advanced technology to combat his nemesis. While the Burnanite army mobilized, the adventurers Jack Carrington, Sophie Reinard, Sasha Mihailovich, and Zug Zorug were commissioned to assist with the invading threat in effort to avoid any loss of life.

Dragovik was at a small hidden temple of Thax-Thalna when he was attacked by the swashbuckling hero Jack Carrington. Dragovik however released several chain traps to beat and capture the man. Jack had then informed him that his attack was merely a diversion, and that his companions had killed and routed a majority of his army in his absence. Dragovik was angered, and was about to kill Jack Carrington when Sophie charged into the room, and summoning a bronze dragon, was able to rescue her companion. Dragovik, though defeated, managed to slurk away.

Dragovik, beaten and battered managed to make his way into a haunted woodland near Marlkova where he was ambushed by were-rats. Though he was able to fend them off despite his near-dead condition, he wound up infected by several of the lycanthropes' bites. He began to develop rat-like features and eventually learned how to control the curse, and thus became a were-rat himself.

Now, completely defeated and disgraced, Dragovik went back to the Goblyn Lands, where he was able to gather up the last of his supporters. They learned of Goblykhan's plans to bring forth some world devastating magics and use them to conquer the Goblyn Lands, and later the lands of men. Dragovik, wanting to prevent his enemy's plan, made his way toward Gaetharheim. He learned of a powerful creature sealed away by Seseron of Palis, and decided to conjure and control it against his enemy. During the conjuration ritual however, he was stopped by Valeron, Mormak, Daryl, and Vintingle. In his dying words, he laughingly explained to them that the world is now doomed.

Out of Game Information

Dragovik is based on a character as well as his player that I had to deal with a long time ago. Playing an evil knight who frequently bullied the party, he ended up causing the destruction of a campaign of mine. It came to light later that amidst it all he frequently cheated on his die rolls, and killed and maimed several PCs. You can also blame this guy for any future no evil and no PVP rules. In homage to that, he appears now as a lowly, less than honorable thug. Though his name has been changed to protect the guilty, know that I have no love for this npc.