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Full name Eduardo "ONC"
Race Human
Age 23
Height 5'5"
Weight 105
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Class Cleric/Rogue
Prestige Black Flame Zealot/Assassin
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Played By Rich


Recent Developments

After the party managed to destroy Valeron's parents, he and Eduardo arrived on the scene. The party recognized them right away. Valeron and Eduardo had an offer for George Cooper. They offered to take George with them in exchange for the last orb that the party had. George Cooper jumped on the opportunity and ran towards the evil pair. However, George did not make it through the battle that followed. He was knocked out by a new spell caster Keean that the party had picked up and his undead army. Valeron and Eduardo left the party with the orb after Valeron killed all but Kraina Wistari and her wolf. George was left on the battlefield, assumed to be dead.


Of No Consequence's (as he introduced himself to the party) real name is Eduardo. He was raised in a Marina in a seedy back part of town. He was abandoned as a child to fend for himself. He learned how to steal, hide and evade the law when he was young, he continued his life just trying to survive, and although he was an accomplished thief, he felt as if something had been missing from his life for a long time. He never had a cause. That was until one day as a youth of about 13, a dark and sinister looking man changed his life. This man went by the name of Frederick, he was high ranking cleric in the order of the Black Flame Zealot. It was that day that Eduardo first heard the name Arioch, a name that would come to mean a great deal to him as his life would progress. Frederick approached Eduardo seeing that he had talent as a thief. Over the next few years Eduardo shadowed Frederick and learned to embrace Arioch’s Power. After Proving his faith by slaying a cleric of a rival deity Eduardo was admitted into the order. The joining ceremony was harsh and Eduardo cannot remember much of it or his life before the order. All he recalls from his former life is the name Frederick, he now knows only this: Arioch became a part of who Eduardo was and in turn he became a part of the Lord of the Shadows. Eduardo seems to always be hiding in the shadows just out of eye/earshot of his victims. He has always taken his target down with skill and precision. Eduardo is a chaotic soul with a chaotic and somewhat violent past.

Black Flame Hierarchy/Advancement

Black Flame Zealot Rankings

The order of the Black Flame Zealot is an order similar to the assassin’s guild. However a BFZ will not just kill for anyone with a few gold to spare. The order prides itself on dealing only with nobles, and is very integral in the political field. BFZ will not kill without a cause, be it promoting one of their own into politics or disposing of a bastard heir to the throne that the king wishes dealt with.

  • Black Flame Prospect- Individuals who possess no levels in BFZ but are known by the order as potential initiates in the future. This level consists of a small set of young rouges and clerics.
  • Black Flame Initiates- Upon completing the joining ceremony and accepting Arioch as their deity lv 1 BFZs take on this title.
  • Black Flame Whelp- consisting of lv 2+3 BFZs these members of the order are more or less the go for guys, running around gathering small things for the other members. They are given small tasks such as hunting in order to build their skills.
  • Black Flame Apprentice- At lv 4BFZs are allowed to go on small assassination missions but nothing of great importance, however if very skilled a BFA may shadow another higher ranking member on more important missions. Many BFZs do not make it past Apprentice
  • Black Flame Zealot- At lv 6 you are considered a full ranking BFZ. You may now be chosen to go on assassination missions solo. This is perhaps the most risky time in a BFZs life, at these levels you are out alone most of the time and only come back to the order to give news of the death of the target and pick up instruction for new targets. Very few make it past this rank.
  • Black Flame Master Upon reaching lv8 BFZs in the order only go on missions of the utmost importance. BFM are used widely in politics, whenever a governor, king etc. needs someone dealt with they come to the BFM.
  • Black Flame Elder- The highest rank in the order once a BFZ reaches lv 10 he is now considered an elder. He may now help to determine targets and lay down rules for the order to follow. It is not uncommon for an order of 100 or more to have only a handful of elders. The elders tend to be the most involved with the politics of the land, and may pursue a life in the public eye after their career in killing is over, some elders seeking more death may find themselves taken into the avenger society, where their skill sets fit tremendously well into the defense of their king/nation. It is common for BFE to become political figures and others BFZs to pledge themselves to him as avengers as well. BFZs who relish the life of a hired killer often tun to the Assassins guild to further hone their skills and become an ultimate death bringer.

Time With the Party

Upon the abduction of Lord Vintingle, Eduardo appeared from the shadows to join the party. He was accepted relatively quickly, stating that he was hired by Vintingle's father to keep an eye on him. Eduardo developed a quick bond with Valeron and George Cooper as their personalities seemed to mesh. Valeron seemed like he would be able to help Eduardo achieve his personal agenda and thus Eduardo pledged himself to Eduardo. Eduardo was amused by Mormak. Eduardo could not stand Ajax or Lokokun. Krios was a useful tool in battle as he was able to render enemies weaker. Eduardo also had a respect for Krios due to his fighting style. Kraina Wistari and Eduardo never really saw eye to eye she always seemed to distrust him, and rightfully so. Once the party had acquired 3 orbs and destroyed one, Eduardo executed his exodus. He and Valeron left with what was now half of the total orbs in existence.

Other Info

  • Eduardo was in the employ of Hans- one of the 7 Disciples to acquire as many orbs as possible from the party.
  • Eduardo and Valeron were able to escape with 3 orbs.
  • The pair is now somewhere in the material plane after escaping the party via a cubic gate.
  • Using George Cooper, Valeron and Eduardo were able to gain control of the final orb.
  • The pair as far as the party knows, have control of 4 orbs, however they only have one and are out for revenge on the Disciples

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