Elohim Kadmon

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Elohim Kadmon
Full name Elohim Kadmon
Race Human
Height 5'4
Weight thin
Hair black
Eyes brown
Skin pale
Class Bard
Prestige Ur-Priest/Evangelist
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Elohim Kadmon is a traveling performer who has made it his life's goal to see the complete eradication of all the gods. He despises Sammael for both his godlike powers and his intent to bring a greater god to the Cosmos.



Elohim appears as a thin and pale man, with long black hair and dark eyes. He dresses in plain black clothing, including several black bands along his arms. He wears a black hat with a large brim that often obscures his eyes. Strapped to his back is his guitar, and he wears a arrogant smirk.


Elohim knows he holds a power over the gods, and is quite arrogant about it. He recognizes that he has angered every divine being in existence, and despite his arrogance, is rightly paranoid. He is quick to question followers of any faith and verbally attack them for putting blind faith into the hands of a powerful entity in exchange for a small fraction of spell casting. Despite all this, Elohim is a coward at heart, and knowing his hatred of the gods holds no good for him in the afterlife, is quick to avoid combat at every opportunity. He nonetheless, will aid someone who is supportive to his cause.



Elohim was born in a small town outside the city of Sindweth. His mother died during childbirth so his father raised him alone. At a young age Elohim showed talent in music, so one day his father went into the city of Sindweth and bought him a guitar. He was happy he could bring joy to Elohim's life, especially because of the war that was going on around the countryside. Elohim played it night and day without end. It was around this time his father noticed Elohim could produce magical effects just by playing! This surprised him; seeing how there was no magic flowing through his veins, or his wife's (As far as he knew anyway) He decided he must teach young Elohim to use his powers always for the power of good. That night his father sat Elohim down and explained to him that he had a power granted to him by the gods, and he must respect it and use it to help people; for fear that the gods might take it away if not. Elohim promised never to use his power for evil and him and his father embraced. As they rose from their chairs the front door exploded into thousands of splinters as a number of armed guards stormed into their home. An enormous guard grabbed Elohim by the collar and held him as his father was beaten. The rest of the guards pillaged the house and destroyed anything not of value to them (Such as Elohim's guitar). Elohim watched in repulsion as a priest draped in black robes entered his home, and with nothing more then a flick of his wrist, killed his father. In shock, he could not tear his eyes from the sight of his father's body collapsing in on itself. The massive guard dragged him out of the house and he saw his town and all its residence in a state of chaos. Never before had he seen the effect of war; but here it was at his doorstep. The guard threw him into a cage filled with other children, and Elohim sat there and cried. It wouldn't be until many years later that he would find out that his father had been killed, and his hometown destroyed, all because of a war between the followers of Kuro and Shiro, which had nothing to do with him.

Out of Game Information

Elohim Kadmon is a character played by my close colleague Sean Cannon. His first name derives from one of the names for God in Judaism. His last name Kadmon, likewise comes from the Jewish texts of the Kabbalah, in reference to Adam Kadmon. Knowing Sean as well as I do however, this is likely more a homage to the Marilyn Manson album Holy Wood which stars a character sharing the name. The background information is written by Sean.