Feyleen Leyleigha

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Feyleen Leyleigha
Full name Feyleen Leyleigha
Race Gold Elf
Age young
Birthday Nov. 22
Height 4'11
Weight petite
Hair blonde
Eyes blue
Skin fair
Class Duskblade//Ranger
Alignment Psychotic Good

Feyleen Leyleigha is an elf who was imprisoned by the evil incubus Jyesha Feyborne, and now seeks revenge against him.


Feyleen appears as a short thin blonde elf who seems to shake with rage. She has ice blue eyes and her long blonde hair is pulled into a single braid. She carries two kukris which she wields with deadly proficiency.


Feyleen lives for vengeance now, and her desire to get back at those that imprisoned her seems to cloud her judgment over everything else. She is a loyal companion however, and is willing to stick with her colleagues to the end. When it comes to meeting with her captors, she is blinded by rage, and seems to be a bit of a loose cannon.


Feyleen was a warrior in the forests of Gyllene. She was patrolling with her best friend Renet when they were assaulted by a demon in the woods. Renet was killed and she was captured after putting up a good deal of a fight. The demon that captured her - an incubus named Jyesha Feyborne - brought her to his lair as a sort of prize. Though she is uncertain of his long term plans with her, she has remained completely aware of everything he has done to her since her capture. She was imprisoned for 4 months, 1 week, 3 days, and 14 hours when she was rescued by the party.