Gabriel Holmwood

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Gabriel Holmwood
Full name Gabriel Holmwood
Race Human
Class Paladin/Monk
Prestige Kensai
Alignment Lawful Good

A pilgrim from Palis, Gabriel is on a mission to the eastern city of Kyth-Tiras. Stopping at Nox before making his way southward, he found himself unable to leave as the city was surrounded by orcs shortly after. Gabriel assisted the party in fighitng off the orcish horde, but was severely injured in doing so. Near Aust Liadon's woods, half the party ran into Gabriel again, and agreed to camp with him and accompany him to Kyth-Tiras.




Gabriel is quiet and soft spoken, he despises evil with a passion and will fight no matter what. Gabriel has a strong sense of justice and will protect his allies reguardless of the cost. He is also quite protective of Sophitia Verdorbanon because of his vow to protect her.


Gabriel was born and raised in a small village. He had lived happily with his parents until one night at the age of 12 the village had been sacked by an evil Knight, his parents during the raid told Gabriel to run as far as he could toward the monastery where they would meet up with him later. Gabriel ran to the monastary and waited, however his parents never made it back. Gabriel was then raised by the monks and taught the ways of the Triad. Gabriel embraced the teachings and lived by them strictly. As he grew older Gabriel was sent out on various quests for the monastary. One of which where he met an orcish paladin by the name of Guz. Gabriel travelled with Guz and together they stopped many foes together. During their journeys they learned of some black orb artifacts, Gabriel felt that the orbs would be best served if destroyed, as there had been a cult frantically searching for them. Sometimes later during his travels with Guz, Gabriel was called back to the monastary where he met a woman that spoke of an evil knight that had been travelling throughout the land with intentions on bringing the entire place down. Curious as to whom this knight was because of Gabriel's past he made a vow to protect the girl no matter what the costs. Together the two then set out on a journey in search of the dark knight.

Out of Game Information

Gabriel's last name "Holmwood" comes from Arthur Holmwood from the novel Dracula.