Garion the Candy Pirate

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Garion the Candy Pirate
Full name Garion
Race Sundered Dwarf
Age young
Birthday March 18
Height 4'10
Weight stout
Hair red
Eyes gold
Skin bronze
Class Barbarian/Rogue/Legendary Captain
Alignment Chaotic Good

Garion is the world's only "Candy Pirate" and a long time ally of many important adventurers, including the Traveling Circus.



Garion appears as an unwashed dwarf with a thick unkempt red beard and a smile full of colorful teeth. He sails a ship known as "The Jolly Rancher" and it was sailed by a crew of golem creatures shaped to look like penguins. He carries around a large axe and a sack to carry hit loots. On his head, he typically wears a cloth or bandana, and he keeps an eye-patch over his face, despite both his eyes being in working condition.


Garion has a playful personality, and believes that his profession as a candy pirate is something that should be taken seriously. He hordes and treasures all sweets, and through various heroic deeds, earned himself a ship and a crew to continue on his quest for more. No one really understands why someone would prefer sweets to real treasures, but this anomaly makes Garion seem all the more lovable.


No one is certain where Garion really came from, but he met with John Lockley shortly after the latter wished to commence to his mission of redemption. Their adventures led them to the city of Sindweth, where they met with Varwen, Aust Liadon, and Fleai. Eventually their travels led them to Tazarya where they protected the city from an invading force of giants, and Garion was subsequently rewarded with "The Jolly Rancher" as well as all the treats in the city. It was also during this time, that Garion had made an unlikely romantic relationship with Varwen.

However the groups were forced to separate when John Lockley made his way to rescue Miranda Dalton. Garion made his way to the ocean and traveled to the city of Nox where he met with Rynn Torskell, Gaius Magellus, and Griggs. Deciding to help the three elves, they made their way on an odyssey back to Sindweth, to destroy Leon Verdorbanon. Their adventures led them to encounter a crazy scientist who was building various golems, and Garion himself managed to liberate a few of them, and let them act as his crew. The golems were build to look like penguins, much to the chagrin of the three elven passengers.

Once Garion arrived at Sindweth, the group met with Sophitia Verdorbanon and she led them to find her brother. Garion again separated with this group, going to meet with Varwen and a group of people she had brought together. He traveled to Tianoku, though found himself making his way back to Sindweth with great regret upon hearing tales of the city's destruction and the loss of his colleagues. Garion decided that he would do anything he could to oppose Leon Verdorbanon and get revenge for his fallen comrades.

While in Sindweth, he overheard the party discussing an ORB and specifically stating that it "makes candy". Immediately captivated by the idea of a candy making artifact, he demanded to join the group and offered to sail the Jolly Rancher to the continent of R'Lin Kren A'a. When the party arrived at the continent, he along with Lokokun remained with the ship to keep it protected. Unfortunately, the both of them were captured by Oscar and Captain Cicilus. He remained a captive until a shot by Balthamel assaulted The Barracuda with a magical fire attack, accidentally killing Garion in the process.

Despite having cast his ashes to the sea, Garion was resurrected at the hands of the Ramius Arcenex when it was revealed by Axel Velsingr that Varwen had told him of the secret way to get to the lair of Sammael. Now alive, Garion is impressed at what Doc Banbigon has done with the Jolly Rancher, and continues to remain with the party as the ship's captain.

Out of Game Information

Though initially created as a short lived joke character by Kirby, Garion became immortalized when Kirby let Seanzie use the character since Sean didn't have one of his own at the time. Sean took to the role so well that Kirby officially gave him the character.