George Cooper

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George Cooper
Full name George Cooper
Race Human
Age 23
Height 6' 4"
Weight 190lbs.
Hair brown
Eyes green
Skin tan
Class Spellthief/Lurk
Prestige Warweaver
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Played By Crystal

George Cooper was a Spellthief and a member of the Travelling Circus, and is now dog food.


George is a lean young man with white teeth and tan skin. He has bright hazel-green eyes and brown hair cut short, like most commoners. He also described as having a nose too big for good looks, but looks handsome when he smiles. He is supposed to be around six feet 4 inches. He is heavily muscled and has eyes that are full of mischief. He carries around knives/daggers as to be always ready for an attack.


George Cooper likes shiny things and ears. He seems to have a crush on Valeron.


George Cooper is from Marina. He joined the Traveling Circus after being released from prison. He was always intrigued with Valeron ever since he saw him cast his first spell. When Valeron and Eduardo betrayed the party, George cried and begged for them to take him with them. George then developed the ability to use magic wands and to cast spells through a powerful magical tapestry. Some time later, George betrayed the Traveling Circus, only to be killed by them after giving the last orb to Valeron.

The Traveling Circus