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Full name Goblykhan
Race Goblin
Age 22
Height 3'11
Weight thin
Hair black
Eyes yellow
Skin yellow/green
Class Wizard/Warlock
Prestige Eldritch Theruge
Alignment Neutral Evil

Goblykhan is a goblin warlord with great magical powers as well as one of the original Seven Disciples.


Goblykhan is a short goblin, dressed in black and orange robes. He always appears with some sort of magical staff. He wears an obscure holy symbol around his neck and has a long mustache.


Goblykhan is a sadist and a megalomaniac. He has a cruel streak and finds the death of humans to be quite amusing. When he is not able to get his way, he is prone to throwing a tantrum.


Goblykhan was born in the Goblyn Lands to a couple of high priests, who immediately anointed him for greatness. As he grew up, he immediately showed a knack for powerful magic. Because of this, his following among the other goblins was great. Goblykhan knew he was destined to become the leader of all goblinkind. His first real struggle was against a rival lord named Dragovik, whom he defeated with his magic. Dragovik managed to get away with some of his loyal followers and fled the goblin lands. Goblykhan managed to keep his second rival Yasar at bay. Goblykhan met with the black rider Bethuel not too long after his campaign to strike out at man, and was informed that he could receive even more power from the creature they were going to restore. Goblykhan was immediately interested, and accepted the position, shortly after, gathering up his men for his first assault on mankind.

Making their way to Gaetharheim, Goblykhan's forces met with a band of adventurers. He immediately surrounded them, and used his power to dispatch whom he thought was their leader. Though not too much for him, the group destroyed his forces rather quickly, and he decided to flee before he became the next target of their wrath.

Goblykhan quickly gathered more forces, including a hideous beast from the depths of the earth, and made his next assault on the city of Kuni. There he was met with further resistance, and though he nearly managed to take the wall, the beast was destroyed by powerful magics, and Goblykhan escaped into the mountains, deciding to make his next attack elsewhere.

His third and final assault was intended for the holy city of Kyth-Tiras when he met with the Lathian military and was killed outright.