Gorthag Darkhide

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Gorthag Darkhide
Full name Gor'thag Darkhide
Race Orc
Age 14
Birthday Nov 17
Height 5'8
Weight average
Hair black
Eyes red
Skin green
Class Ex-Druid/Paragon
Class Blighter/Warshaper
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Gor'thag Darkhide is an orc blighter who seeks to advance the orc civilization, both in technology and prominence throughout the world. He also makes every effort to destroy elves, druids, and the forests they come from. Gor'thag has worked with humans in the past, though he knows that they are in the way of orc expansion. He frequently travels with, and despises Jamal.


Gor'thag appears as an orc warrior, dressed in a heavy suit of black armor. He has a look of perpetual anger that he relates wherever he goes.


Gor'thag is extremely intolerant of a great number of things. He will allow neither druids nor elves to survive unfought in his presence, and he is fairly distasteful of rangers to a lesser extent. But, ironically, the most frequent object of Gor'thag's wrathful castigation has been Jamal, a fellow orc who does not in any way share Gor'thag's philosophy of the technological advancement of orc kind.


Gor'thag was once a druidic witch doctor of his silvan orc tribe. He was a strong leader of his people, and fought bravely for them even when an army of elves advanced upon the tribe, claiming that the orcs were an abomination of nature and a cancer upon their forest, when in fact they had been coexisting with the woodland and all its creatures since they had arrived. When the orcs were at last driven out by superior elven numbers, Gor'thag gave up on his old homeland and cast off his druidic powers, forever forsaking the blessing of the forest, for he saw the forest and the elves as one in the same, desiring now to destroy them both.

He and the one remaining of his hangers-on, the warrior Jamal, set off to find a new life as Gor'thag found new power stemming from his hatred of all that grows: the dark blessings of the spirits of decay that constitute the art of the blighter. Gor'thag's quest had led him and Jamal to Kadum where he met Lawrence Valdamir diPaladine and Vesper ValVeto. They ended up in a brief skirmish outside the town when the four of them were suddenly attacked by a rampaging dragon. The four of them fought the dragon together when they then made their way south, past the orc lands, to stop the rampaging dragons from attacking both their kingdoms.

Enduring the wrath of several dragons and Jamal's intense stupidity and harassment, they managed to destroy a hidden temple of Thax-Thalna near Mijdar. From there Gor'thag and Jamal happily parted ways from their human companions. Upon their return, the two of them met with Deathgar who was impressed with their accomplishments. Deathgar let the two of them join his army where they made their way to Nox. The city was covered in a sheet of night, which made it a prime target for an orc invasion.

The invasion was intercepted by the Traveling Circus along with Guz Gunny and Gabriel Holmwood. The orc hordes, along with Jamal were defeated, though Gor'thag managed to capture Vintingle before they retreated. Taking the opportunity to take out his hostilities on the elven druid, Gor'thag made Vintingle suffer through intense torture. Over time, Vintingle's insanity got a hold of him, and he became enthralled with Gor'thag's power. Seeing a chance to take his vengeance upon the elves, he reluctantly taught Vintingle the secrets of the Blighter. Vintingle then was released to the elven woods to wreck havoc.

Deathgar has recently disappeared and Gor'thag has made his way back to Kart-Hadast. He wishes to teach the other orcs the value of intelligence and advancement, though his success in this is fairly minimal.