Guz Gunny

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Guz Gunny
Full name Guz Gunny
Race Orc
Age 13
Birthday Unknown
Height 6'
Weight enormously built
Hair black
Eyes red
Skin green
Class Paragon/Paladin
Alignment Lawful Good

Guz Gunny is an orc who was captured by soldiers of Palis at a young age and recruited into their army. Despite his lack of intelligence, he is a protege of Seseron and after extensive training, was made the Captain of Palis:South and given the mighty sword Reighna. He more recently has been sent to protect Gabriel Holmwood on his pilgrimage to Kyth-Tiras. Guz and Gabriel are frequently found together.



Guz Gunny appears as an enormous, and intimidating orc, standing at an even six feet tall. Despite this, he is very well groomed, and he appears to be quite disciplined. He is dressed in a white tunic with a triangular symbol in the front, representing his devotion to the Triad.


Guz isn't too bright, and though he is quick to anger and causing destruction as any orc, he is very disciplined and it shows. He never goes anywhere without his sword, "Reighna", and treats as though he is betrothed to it. While not being very bright, Guz is pretty capable of combat tactics, and desires to learn new things. All this aside he's a big hit with children as well.


Raised as a Soldier

Guz Gunny was born into an orc tribe, though he had not spent more than his waking hours with his kinsmen when they went to battle with the armies of Palis. The Palitan forces crushed the orcs, and proceeded to rid the land of the evil and savagery that the orcs had brought with them. However Guz's body was found, and the soldiers decided against killing the infant creature, rather bringing it to detainment under the benevolent lord Seseron. It wasn't long that Guz grew up, and immediately he was forced to perform menial labor for the Palitian soldiers. However his interest in the soldiers came to allow him to eventually train with them, and it was noticed that Guz had a natural talent for combat, and was very strong.

Realizing that Guz would be useful as a soldier for the city, he was taken under the wing of some of the higher ranking people in the Fraternity of Blades and put through harsh training. Guz had then grew up with the other soldiers, and was immediately trained and disciplined from his youth. Guz not only endured this level or training, but loved it immensely. The orc's constant thirst for battle made him to be a very strong and capable warrior in his own right. The Fraternity realized that training an orc to be a machine of devastation was unwise, and sent him to the Order of the Triad, where he was taught discipline and the teachings of the Triad. Drilled intensely in the codes of the Triad as well as the Laws of Palis, Guz knew no other lifestyle except that within the barracks. Guz, despite his lack of intelligence, was able to get this drilled quickly into his mind, and learned, among other things, that the orc tribes are the enemies of his people. Despite his monstrous stature, Guz was well received among the higher authority of the city, and he began to excel in rank, becoming a captain in Palis. Seseron took an interest in Guz and formally adopted him, also providing Guz with the sentient sword Reighna and informed Guz to be extremely careful with her.

Pilgrimage to Nox

As a member of the Triad, Guz was chosen to act as a guardian protector for the pilgrim Gabriel Holmwood. The two of them were to make a pilgrimage to Kyth-Tiras, stopping for a brief diplomatic mission to Nox. Gabriel and Guz got along quickly, though Gabriel found himself quickly apologizing for Guz's strange behaviors from town to town. Gabriel informed Guz that he was called on the mission by Varwen, a celestial creature seeking to rescue the world from some great evil. On their travels they had become close friends, and Gabriel spent time teaching Guz how to read, and Guz spent his time protecting Gabriel with his blade, whome he seemed overly attached to. When the duo arrived at Nox, they found the city was blanketed in eternal night. Guz and Gabriel met with the Traveling Circus, as well as Ahldi Garamond, Varwen, and Captain Viktor Belenko. Guz got along with Mormak in particular, with the two of them discussing the merits of pain.

As they were attempting to discover the cause of the eternal night, an army of orcs, led by Deathgar and assisted by Gorthag Darkhide and Jamal besieged the city. The Travelling Circus allied themselves with Guz and Gabriel and they fought the hordes of orcs. Their leader Deathgar, seemed to have a connection with Guz, possibly as a kinsman. Guz denounced Deathgar's offers for him to join their legion, and proceeded to break the orb in spite of Deathgar's forces. They then fought, and the Orc Commander defeated Guz, though Guz and his allies had cleaned out many of his legions prior. Back at Nox, the Duke was relieved that the forces of evil had been removed from his city.

Guz and Gabriel left Nox shortly after the Traveling Circus, where they met with a vampire girl named Romanitza. Guz and Romanitza became close, and after a romantic date involving the wanton slaughter of cattle, they parted ways, as Romanitza went back to attempting her apple trade despite the daylight, and Guz left with Gabriel, promising to return to her.

End of the Pilgrimage

Their travels took them across the desert and on many adventures, until they made their way to Thadeus - a stop on the way to Kyth-Tiras. There they met with a band of adventures who claimed to be affiliated with the Traveling Circus. Among them was Shin Kobayashi whom Guz did not get along with. Through these adventures, they had learned that Varwen had been killed. They stayed together until they all came to the city of Sindweth, where they once again parted ways.

As the two continued upon their route to Kyth-Tiras when they encountered Sophitia Verdorbanon, who had recently escaped the torture of her evil brother Leon. Gabriel proceeded to comfort her and tend to her wounds. Guz, now uncertain of what to do, was ordered by Gabriel to continue their pilgrimage alone, while he remained with the young blind girl. Guz obediently followed Gabriel's instructions and made his way to Kyth-Tiras. Once there, he was given a new mission. Guz received a vision from "Reighna" in human form, explaining to him to go on a new quest. Guz followed her obediently, and though it took about a week's march, he arrived at the cave where Sir Henry's heir was slain.

Spencer's Ressurection

Guz, with Reighna's assistance, was given a ritual to bring forth a man of undeniable purity, the young martyr Spencer of Thadeus back as a celestial warrior. Guz spent four sleepless days in a constant state of prayer and ritual until Spencer descended from the Heavens. At the same time, ghost of Reighna appeared before them. Spencer explained who he was and what was going on with the Orbs to Guz, and the three of them are making their way back to Palis.


  • "Pain; good for me, good for you!"
  • "A is for Axe. B is for Battle Axe. C is for Cleave. D is for Decapitate..." - learning to spell
  • "My best friend is REIGHNA!!" - Guz, frightfully drawing his sword in public.

Out of Game Information

Guz was originally made as a parody of an orc character played by Neil named Zug Zorug. His name is simply Zug spelled backwards, and he was built to be specifically the "anti-Zug." While Zug was an orc barbarian who was Chaotic Neutral with evil tendencies, Guz was made to be an orc paladin. Playing Guz like a US Marine, I made his last name "Gunny." It was difficult initially to not get Guz and Zug's names mixed up when I first started playing him.