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Title goes here
Category Text
Category Text
Infobox It would be best to jack the code for the custom infobox directly, as it would be too difficult to explain, and make a lot more sense if you look for yourself in the edit tab.
Color You can change the color of the top by placing a simple RGB code in the background part above. The current color is 00FFFF. If you don't know your RGB colors, go here and figure it out.
Add More You can add as many categories as you need to by following the infobox code format


Titles are made by using 2 equal signs on either side

Subtitles are made by using 3 equal signs on either side

Sub-subtitles are made by using 4 equal signs on either side


To Link to Another Wikipage, use 2 brackets on either side of the link text

If you want a link to have different text from the page it directs to, you need to place a bar between the link location and the text

To link outside of the wiki, use a single set of brackets. The weblink should be first in the brackets, and text will begin after the first space in the brackets.


Character Infobox by Nick
Full name name here
Race race here
Age age here
Height height here
Weight weight here
Hair hair here
Eyes eyes here
Skin skin here
Class classes here
Prestige prestige classes here
Alignment alignment here in 2 brackets
Played By your name here


You must have a full line of space between paragraphs to separate them.

Place a colon in front of any line you want indented.

Italic Text is depicted by 2 apostrophes on either side. Quotation marks will not work.

Bold Text is depicted with 3 apostrophes on either side.


Categories should include Sex (Male, Female), Race (Human, Elf, Orc), Alignment (Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral), Sub-Alignments (Lawful, Evil), Classes (Fighter, Rogue). Do not bother making prestige classes into categories, as they are usually too narrow to warrant a list.