Jack Carrington

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Jack Carrington
Full name Jack Carrington
Race Human
Age 23
Birthday Nov. 30
Height 5'8
Weight thin
Hair blonde
Eyes brown
Skin fair
Class Rogue/Swashbuckler/Illusionist
Alignment Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral



Jack Carrington appears as a handsome young man with dashing blonde hair and a thin mustache. He dresses in a black suit underneath a dark red jacket. At his belt in a blade and at his left hand, he wears a silver claw.


Jack is always ready for an adventure, and travels from town to town looking for excitement. He also has a habit of needing to leave towns at short notice to avoid women he's recently made friends with as well as their fathers. He is likely the luckiest man in the world in terms of the friends he has made.


Jack Carrington is an Alban, who made his way toward Alemaania and later his destination of Lath with Sophie Reinard and Sasha Mihailovich While in Alemaania, they assisted the people of Burne fight off a band of goblins led by Dragovik. After Dragovik escaped, the three parted ways, and Carrington decided to see what fun Lath had to offer.

Quickly seeking to escape a village, Jack Carrington helped the Travelling Circus acquire a ship to the Dragon Isle. He offered most of the pay for the ship in attempt to avoid what he considered a high level encounter.

Later he sailed back to the Holy Illuminated Empire of Alemaania, where he met with Eberhardt, Runik Blazecroft, and a guy named Edhy. The three of them made their way to the town of Derthshire where they settled for a time, meeting with their companion Yorick and keeping an eye on the brothel there.

Jack Carrington managed to make the acquaintance of four members of the Sindweth Council: Maiko, Reiko, Katri, and Kat

Out of Game Information

Jack Carrington is a character made by Kirby