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Full name Jamal "7e" Bomba
Race Orc
Age 9
Birthday March 29
Height 5'7
Weight thin
Hair black
Eyes yellow
Skin green
Class Barbarian/Bard
Class Frenzied Berserker
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Jamal is an orc warrior who frequently travels with his Gorthag Darkhide despite their mutual hatred for each other. Jamal is also a traveling performer, and frequently sings obnoxious and obscene orc songs, whether people wish to hear them or not. He was recently killed in the Battle of Nox's Night.



Jamal appears as a thin orc with long black dreadlocks. He wears a breastplate and has a large platinum amulet with "7e" written upon it. He is frequently making strange signs with his hands.


Jamal, while incredibly stupid - even for an orc - is very ambitious to make a name for himself among his peers. He fights as well as any other orc, he additionally thrives on his musical "talents".


Jamal was born and grew up in Kart-Hadast. He was making his way to the city to Kadum when he came across Gorthag Darkhide. The two of them traveled together, and Gor'thag convinced Jamal that they had to destroy any elves or druids they ran into on the way. Once in Kadum, they got into a brawl with Lawrence Valdamir diPaladine and Vesper ValVeto. A fight broke out, though this combat was short lived when a rampaging dragon attacked all four of them. After they managed to defeat the dragon, the four of them made their way together on a journey to a hidden temple of Thax-Thalna where they battled the forces of the Dragon Queen.

Jamal continued to Mijdar where he performed obnoxiously for the people there, and was promptly punched in the face by Lawrence. Despite this, Jamal views Lawrence as a companion, a view that is not necessarily shared by him. While in Mijdar, Jamal commissioned to have a necklace built with his name on it, though not knowing how to spell his name, in an effort spelled it as "7e". This alias stuck with him from then on. He hates Gor'thag, though despite his hatred he continued with him. Jamal and Gor'thag met Deathgar shortly after leaving Lawrence and Vesper. They joined his invasion force against the city of Nox which was overtaken by an eternal darkness. The orc armies invaded the city, but were defeated by the Traveling Circus, along with Guz Gunny and Gabriel Holmwood. Jamal was killed in his battle, though his body was taken to be buried... or perhaps resurrected.

Lyrics (Warning: Explicit and Obnoxious)

From The Core And Back

From the core and back

this nigga's gotta rap

I've been damned to hell

'cause I f--k at Taco Bell

This nigga needs love

and to f--k the pussy rough

Yamaguchi is a hoochie

and I wanna f--k her cootchie

That's Gor'thag

he's a hairy dickbag

fightin' for all the orc faggots

multiplyin' like rabbits

which Lawrence is pissed at

but I don't give a f--k with his bitch ass.

Jamal and Lawrence

Lawrence is a knight

he can fight alright

with f--kin' holy might

and f--kin' bitch ass smite

This is Jamal yo

and Lawrence is my bro

Yeah! we get pussy and shit

f--kin' women with big tits

Lawrence is the shiznit...


Damn Gorthag

you got me rappin'

sit on the pot while

you're f--kin' crappin'

This is Jamal

Just Behold!

Look at this bitch

being f--kin' told!

Out of Game Information

Jamal is a character made by Stephen Welch. He is made as an affectionate parody of a gangster rap artist.