John Lockley

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John Lockley
Full name John Lockley
Race Human (with elven blood)
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Skin tan
Class Fighter/Rogue
Alignment Neutral Good (though initially just True Neutral

John Lockley is a powerful traveling adventurer.



John Lockley is quiet and calculating, he will think a situation out for himself and do what he sees necessary. He will work with a party, however he stays for the most part on his own agenda. Lockley loves to fight, and sees a battle more of as a game, than a fight to the death usually. However, his outlook on fighting can quickly turn serious at the drop of a hat. Lockley is an arrogant fighter; fighting with one sword when he sees no threat, and using both when he gets serious. He is fully set on one goal, and that is receiving redemption for the life of Marium of Thadeus, which he took with the assistance of a rogue and necromancer. Lockley stays remembered with all he encounters, despite his lack of words. He now has a strong sense of duty to himself, and justice although that was not always the case. He will do anything in his power to protect the one he loves, Miranda Dalton.


John Lockley grew up with his parents whom were weaponsmiths in Crimson. He was always taught that he had a choice, whether right or wrong it was always up to him. However, he would always have to face the consequences of his actions. His parents mainly sold weapons to the mercenaries, and collectors. John would frequently sneak into a local bar and watch the underground battles that took place. Lockley loved watching the battles. Because of Lockley's enjoyment for the battles he'd practice with some of his father's swords. Once Lockley felt he had enough practice to enter the games he did. Lockley won his very first battle in the arena, and the crowd loved him; he was one of the very few they had seen to wield two swords at once. Even though his style was edgey there was still a certain magnificence the crowd enjoyed. Lockley's parents worried about him and would constantly because of his decision to fight in the underground battles. Lockley continued to participate and he'd win every time, this ineveitably began to bore him so Lockley signed up as a mercenary.

One of Lockley's first jobs as a mercenary was with two orcs. One who's name was Pork. The orcs got on Lockley's nerves with their stench and idiocy, so one night while in a town Lockley decided to betray his orc allies, after which they fled to a large desert wasteland to the south. Lockley then gained an audience with the leader of the town, Rath Doombringer, whom he asked for a small amount of soldiers in order to hunt down and kill the damned orcs. After finding out the orcs had fled to the Akertian Desert, Rath Doombringer gave Lockley a band of 6 soldiers to work with to track down and slay the orcs. While on the hunt Lockley and the soldiers found the orcs, that had made some new orcish friends. This began a heated battle which Lockley and his soldiers emerged victories with minimal casualties. However Pork and that other Orc fled after being badly wounded by Lockley. After which Lockley reported the news back to Rath whom was pleased to hear of a band of orcs being killed with little casualty from his great soldiers. Lockley worked on a few odd jobs with the Doombringers. Soon however, Lockley found himself going toward the Sea of Dust where he fell under a quest for Ariston. The quest being to gather some sacred orbs for him. Lockley gladly accepted in exchange he would receive an item of magical power. While on his journey collecting orbs, rumor was that a Paladin Lord held one of the orbs that Ariston wanted. Upon hearing that it was Marium of Thadeus, Lockley became obcessed with fighting the man head on as opposed to sneaking in, he wanted to kill him and take his pocessions for his own. On Lockley's way toward the Thadeus Manor he came across a halfling rogue, and demented necromancer; whom joined him, as well as the priestess Wendy. The four of them made their way toward the estate killing anyone in their path, eventually they made it to the old Paladin Marium. Lockley, the Rogue, and Necromancer immediately attacked Marium, while Wendy killed anyone who tried to escape. After a long clumsy battle with the Paladin Lord Lockley and the group emerged victorious. Lockley gathered up Marium's pocessions and together the party looted the manor, and after taking the orb they left. Lockley, the Rogue and Necromancer went their seperate ways, however Wendy chose to follow Lockley around.

Lockley and Wendy continued travelling together, doing odd jobs and quests together. Wendy would always try to give blessings to Lockley, which him knowing better blatantly refused. Lockley would go around gaining and completing new missions, while Wendy would continue to go around seducing priests into the blessings that he demented mind had to offer. Quickly however word got around of a man dual weilding swords that killed Marium of Thadeus. At that point everywhere Lockley went he was always being referred to as the murderer of Marium. This slowly began to get to Lockley, so he fled the country and holed himself up in a bar where he went on a drinking binge for years.

In the meanwhile at this town Lockley would fend off small monster attacks and continue drinking. The town grew a liking to him and offered him free lodgings. This was after the fact Lockley decided he wanted to receive redemption for what he had done. During those years Lockley was approached by a party whom questioned him on the assassination of the mayor, Lockley knew nothing of it, however he would tell them if he found anything out. Lockley continued to drink in his stupor. One day in town there was a tournament which Lockley signed up for, Lockley was doing great in the tournament until he came across the final opponent who played as an advisor to the mayor, Logan Amir. Lockley and Logan fought eachother, and after a long vicious battle Logan emerged victorious. Lockley returned again to the bar to continue drinking. A few nights later however a hoard of 40 kobolds ransacked the town. Lockley crashed through the window and began fighting off the kobolds alongside the party that asked him about the assassination. Lockley effortlessly cleaved through the hoards. The party Lockley had fought with decided to go underground to find the source, Lockley stayed above ground to hunt strays and see if anything odd was happening up there. On Lockley's search he found Logan again however he was holding a black orb and chanting a summons. Lockley charged Logan but before he could get to him a collosal shadow dragon came crashing into the town as if under the control of Logan, Lockley knew he had to back away and that there was no means of winning there. The dragon then began laying waste to the town. After that night Lockley disappeared for years.

Lockley returned to his former continent to the town of Sindweth. There Lockley joined a party consisting of the Paladin Mathius and several others. Lockley completed several missions alongside the Paladin, although they held their disagreements, Lockley did not feel everything deserved to die. While the Paladin felt anything that held a shred of evil in it needed slayed where it stood. These conflicts continued until it broke out into a duel between Lockley and the Paladin, in the first round Lockley beat Mathius to his knees, after which he fled Lockley letting him go. Upon Mathius' return he had regathered his strength, and again fought Lockley this time Lockley fell to his knees and Mathius killed the evil being that had surrendered anyways. Lockley could not understand why but he felt strongly against the Paladin's actions, that what had happened there was wrong and unnecessary. Lockley then left the party and returned to the bar, where he met a mysterious woman by the name of Miranda Dalton, he and her talked for sometime. Lockley found the woman to be fascinating, however from what he gathered she had been in search of some Mordach. Miranda Dalton then asked the man if he would like to spar, Lockley laughed and accepted the woman's challenge. Lockley easily defeated Miranda with the butt of his sword. Miranda became mad at Lockley and swore she would defeat him one day, if not to atleast meet him again as she found him to be quite interesting as well.

Lockley then began to continue his mission for redemption. He took a ship where he travelled to another continent where he ran into Kazemaru, whom once travelled with Miranda under a different identity. Lockley recognized Ukami Kazemaru as a man he once travelled with in a quest to the depths of the earth, and challenged him to a duel. Kazemaru gladly accepted the friendly duel and they fought; Lockley flipping out a single sword as he had done with Miranda. The battle was quite enjoyable, and then nearing defeat Kazemaru took on the appearance of Miranda Dalton. Lockley approached Miranda as she stood there, and swung his sword at the image smirking “You'll need to do better than that Miranda, hah.” Kazemaru reverted to his own form and shook hands with Lockley appreciating the challenge. Lockley nodded and told Kazemaru was a respectable swordsman, and with that the two went their separate ways.

Lockley continued wandering the continent until he came across a tavern which he stayed at. The tavern seemed to be housing a caravaan which was to escort a young girl. Lockley heard a noise coming from the boy's room and as he went to investigate he saw that a vampire had broken into her room, Lockley immediately flipped out two swords and attacked the vampire. After a quick defeat the vampire turned into mist and flew away. Lockley checked the boy to see if she would be ok, however she had already been bitten. Lockley then rushed the boy to a nearby church. Lockley asked the priest if there was anything at all that could be done to save her, however he told him that she had already died and that nothing could be done. Lockley refused to accept that as an answer and angrily grabbed the priest's collar and demanded to know what could be done. The priest squirmed and told Lockley that they simply couldn't afford to just bring back some random child, they only had one diamond and needed it in case of a real emergency. Lockley scowled and said that he would pay the temple back for expenses, even get them a new diamond if need be, but he wasn't going to allow this boy to just die like that. Lockley set the priest down, as he accepted Lockley's terms, however he would need the diamond replaced. Lockley nodded and told him to just bring the girl back, which he did. When the girl came back she thanked Lockley for what he had done and gave him a huge hug, Lockley told the boy that he would stay with him that night to watch over him and make sure nothing would happen. With that they returned to his room and he talked with him about any women in his life as he sat by the windowsill; Lockley spoke of Miranda Dalton, and they continued talking until the child had gone to sleep. Lockley eventually nodded off by the windowsill.

The next morning the boy had woken up and told Lockley that he was to be escorted to the next town; and asked if he would accompany the caravaan. Lockley agreed to and stepped out of the room to allow the girl to get dressed. That day he and the girl approached a man named Seseron whom was the head of the escort, Lockley spoke with Seseron for quite sometime. He eventually learned about a pendant that the boy had, he wasn't told the details of it, however that it could never get into the wrong hands. Later that day Lockley joined the caravan with Seseron and rode with him inside the caravaan. The caravaan was eventually attacked, Lockley jumped out of the caravaan with Seseron and fought off their attackers. Seseron commended Lockley on his swordsmanship and they continued on toward their destination. After making it safely Lockley hung around the city for a few days.

Until one day he heard from Falke, Miranda's guardian. He found out that Miranda had been captured by Mordach, so Lockley set out to gather what he could find out. Lockley eventually found the party that Miranda had been with and he followed them before letting himself become known. Lockley eventually introduced himself and said that he was searching for Miranda Dalton, the party that he had found consisted of Vorwen, Fleia, and a naked monk. Eventually the party made it to Mordach's quarters where they found the Deacon, an evil priest whom was running the Arena of Blood which the party would have to fight through in order to save Miranda. The first round the party was face to face with some Paladins of Shiro, Lockley refused to attack the Paladins. Instead he questioned them and found out that they were seeking Miranda Dalton to bring her into custody for sacking one of their temples in the name of Kuro, Lockley could not believe that she would just do something like that, however he agreed to fight alongside the paladin's but when it came to Miranda he would be taking her. Although the knights agreed to fight they did not hold a guarentee that they would not track Miranda down for what she had done. The now two joined groups fought side by side against several foes, until the last one appeared. It was a blood golem that was fueled by blood they had drained from Miranda. Lockley swore that he would have Miranda back and with that he charged head first into battle with the golem, swinging both swords violently at the infernal construct. He fought the golem along with his party, however the battle became too much and they had fled leaving Lockley to fight the thing solo. However, sometime during the battle the arena began to fill with a thick mist which gave Lockley an advantage in the battle. It also caused enough confusion for Varwen to transform and reclaim Miranda from the Deacon. Lockley held out in the battle and as the mist cleared away he stood over the destroyed champion victorious.

Lockley then ran from the arena before things had gotten too hectic and brought Miranda to a church in the capital city. Miranda was unconcious from the vast amount of blood she had lost, she was also quite sickly looking. Lockley asked the priests if there was anything that could be done to save her, they told him that they would work on finding a means, meanwhile the Lord wanted had a request.

Lockley then met with the Lord and said that they were incapable of communicating with Sindweth, so the Lord wanted the party to recover the town. With the help of some mercenaries they had hired. So the party headed out toward Sindweth getting attacked by barbarians from the north. Once, they reached Sindweth Lockley convinced the guards to allow him passage by showing them the sword Ariston had given him so long ago in exchange for his services. The guards allowed the party in, and to the main estate where they requested an audience with the man in charge Ralnd, Ariston's son. Much to the party's surprise though, Ralnd had actually been travelling with them the whole time as one of the mercenaries. Fleia attacked Ralnd head to head and lost, horrifyingly her soul had been sucked out by Ralnd's blade. Lockley closed the distance between him and Ralnd and began fighting him viciously, Ralnd continued sucking souls from the nearby mercenaries; until it had gotten to the point where Varwen transformed and fled, and all that was left was Lockley, Dajan and Ralnd. Lockley continued fighting Ralnd, the battle became very close however Lockley had to back away. Ralnd spared Lockley only under the circumstances that he would work once again for his father. Lockley reluctantly accepted Ralnd's terms and in exchange for his life Lockley was set free.

Lockley returned to the capital city where he had left Miranda and watched over her, then the church had told Lockley that she could be brought back with the Chalice of Life which resided in the northern caverns. Lockley met with a newly returned Fleia and Varwen. Varwen had a strong desire to help her friend Fleia, so they travelled together toward the mage guild to find out what the payment would be for having her brought back, while Lockley was hell bent on saving Miranda; he travelled toward the northern caves alone. While on his travels to the northern caves Lockley ran into the Deacon, in a rage Lockley charged the Deacon and fought the Deacon dropping him in 12 seconds flat. Upon defeating the Deacon, Lockley removed the Deacon's mask, and hacked his body to pieces spreading them out and burying them.

Shortly after defeating the Deacon, Varwen and Fleia approached Lockley telling him that they needed the chalice to give to the mage guild as payment for bringing Fleia back. Lockley told them that before they did anything with the chalice that he would use it to help Miranda before anything else. With that the party continued toward the northern caves where the chalice resided. They made their way through the cavern fighting off hill giants, frost giants, and even fire giants. As the inside of the cavern was a volcano, in which a mad mage lived guarding the entrance to the grail; which had already been opened by a rogue called Red Wulf. As the party entered the entrance they travelled down the path where they ran into the Vampire General Scaggs. Fortunately a monk they had been travelling with managed to disarm him before he used his vicious swords against them. With that Lockley claimed both swords and the vampire was then cornered and beaten brutally by the party. After the battle the party made their way onward eventually finding the grail by a fountain.

Lockley claimed the grail and immediately brought it back to the capital city where he would use it to bring back Miranda. When Miranda finally came to she was so happy to see that Lockley was there that she threw her arms around him and held onto him for awhile with Varwen watching. This was the first Miranda had displayed such emotion besides anger before the party. Varwen giggled, and Miranda and Lockley left for the tavern after her full recovery. This was their first date, afterwards Miranda again challenged Lockley to a duel which Lockley gladly accepted, again he was easily the victor. Miranda surrendered and smiled saying that one day she would defeat him, again Lockley just laughed at her, afterward they stayed the night together. The next morning Miranda told Lockley that she wanted to continue hunting down Mordach, and with that he bid her farewell.

After a few days while outside of town Lockley ran into Lord Ariston, whom told Lockley to kill the King. Lockley refused and prepared himself to fight the evil Lord, Ariston stood before him coldly and cast a spell upon Lockley rendering him useless to Ariston's demands. Lockley now stands as Ariston's right hand solely under his control...