Juumash Firestarter

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Juumash Firestarter
Full name Juumash Firestarter
Race Orc
Age 15
Birthday June 22
Height 5'4
Weight average
Hair black
Eyes red
Skin green
Class Druid
Alignment Neutral Evil

Juumash is a shaman and ruler or the tribes of orcs located in the Red Mountains.



Juumash appears as a shorter orc, with a thick grey beard and red robes. His fierce look commands the respect of other orcs and humanoid allies.


If his name wasn't indication enough, Juumash has a firey temper. He is quick to deal death and judgment among his foes. Despite this, he is not a savage and will negotiate, even with humans, to ensure his dominance within the Red Mountains and the areas around them.


Juumash was born with a mystical birthmark indicating he would become a powerful leader among the orcs. Raised into his position, Juumash quickly took to being an orc warlord. As soon as he was old enough to take command, he immediately conquered and united the various tribes of the Red Mountains, and then sent his hordes to make vassal states of the other humanoids within the area. He is at a state of war with Gataania and has had the upper hand on the human city a few times, though the people of Gataania have a strange power, and he seeks to somehow get control of it.

Out of Game Information

Juumash is a character made by my father for an early D&D wargame. His name comes from his ability to destroy battlefields with Flame Strike spells.