Kraina Wistari

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Kraina Wistari
Full name Kraina Wistari
Race Copper Elf
Hair green
Eyes grey
Skin dark
Class Druid
Prestige Beastmaster of Many Forms
Alignment True Neutral
Played By Caryne

Kraina is a Druid in the Traveling Circus.



Kraina appears as a wood elf, with long green hair, grey eyes and dark brown skin. She wears red leather armor lined with azure blue fur. She is never seen without her faithful companion, Darque.

Monseigneur Darque

Darque is a massive white wolf of legend with purple eyes.


Kraina distrusts humans and other humanoids that are not elves. She has a strong desire for vengeance.


Folalia Woodlands

Kraina was a wood elf druid who made her home in the woodlands of Folalia. After her forest was destroyed by a marauding band led by Leon Verdorbanon, she vowed to get revenge for all the people he had killed.

Traveling Circus

Kraina hooked up with the Traveling Circus to complete her mission and save the world as well.


After defeating Verdorbanon and Sammael, Kraina went back to the lands of Gyllene to try to rebuild her homeland and start an orphanage.


The Traveling Circus