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Titles The Law Giver, The Iron Fist

Rank Intermediate Male Deity
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio conquest, tyranny, discipline, conformity
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law, War
Weapon Long Sword

Kuro is the god of conquest and tyranny. He generally appears as a dark haired man, though he will take appearances of other humanoids as well. He is always well armored, and carries multiple swords, he has a preference for dark steel and black clothing, for both himself and his followers.



Kuro is the older brother of Shiro who was once his squire and now his mortal enemy. He is also enemies with Marlgaas who he sees as a vile usurper to his domain. Kuro is the son of Thax-Thalna, though his desires to take over her portfolio has made them into enemies. Kurites generally do not have permanent allies, though they will seek to forge temporary alliances with Horakus-Re and evil deities such as Neurgall, Surtarus, and Tozetch.


Might makes right. The strong deserve to rule the weak. If there is incompetence in your ranks, it is your duty to squash it. Conquer your neighbors and instill order to all those around you. Everyone must learn to fear and respect the iron fist of Kuro, or be put to death.


Kuro's followers are motivated by conquest. They establish themselves as the state religion wherever they can, and join conquerors in quests to establish power through tyranny.


The prayers to Kuro are expressed as commandments, with each law of dominance written as a tribute to his might. Outside of this, followers shout to induce fear into the enemies of the iron fist.


Followers of Kuro who are not clerics are likely to be fighters, monks, or paladins of tyranny. Though a majority of followers are humans, a number of orc and humanoid races see the appeal to a religion of despotic conquest and are attracted to it. Kurites attempt to kill followers of Shiro and Marlgaas on sight.

Cleric Training

Kuro's clerics endure brutal training procedures to weed out the weak among them. They in turn would dish out such brutal training to those beneath them. The men at the top are the strongest, and rule beneath them. It is expected that if a subordinate rises to become stronger then their master, they are to challenge and surpass him. Thus clerics are constantly seeking strength so they can promote above their superiors and keep their subordinates from surpassing them.


Kuro has temples out in the open, unlike most evil deities. These temples are more often than not defensible strongholds with large forges for making weapons as well as training grounds and arenas for combat. It is common for blood to be shed in the temple of Kuro.



Notable Followers

Mordach, The Deacon, The Mouth of Kuro, Daxsilmoor, Marco Feigal, Mary of Thadeus, Maris and Joan

Thantar - ex-Kurite, reformed.

Arena of Blood

In Desla, Lord Daxsilmoor had a plot to infuse the blood of Mordach into human hosts, in effort to create infernal soldiers for a plan in world conquest. Three young girls Miranda Dalton, Fleai, and Mary of Thadeus were captured and were individually subjected to the ritual. Fleai was the first ritual performed, though it was botched horrible, resulting in her mental instability. Miranda and Mary were completed successfully, though Miranda, as well as Flaei was rescued shortly after. Mary became a devoted follower of Kuro as she grew up, while Miranda became devoted to the destruction of the Kurites, which she would take up with the assistance of John Lockley, Varwen, Aust Liadon, and several others.

When the Kurites found Miranda they sent agents to possess her. While this initially worked and resulted in the destruction of the Temple of Shiro in Sindweth, she managed to break from their spell and proceeded to go after them in full force. This lead to her capture at the Arena of Blood, where they were going to drain her and infuse her power into a new vessel.

Out of Game Information

Kuro is a standard Lawful Evil D&D deity, based on the likes of Bane and Hextor. Kuro is the Japanese word of Black, and as such, he is intended as an Eastern Deity as well.