Lars and Jacob

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Lars and Jacob
Full name Lars & Jacob
Race Humans
Age 23 & 22
Height 5'6
Weight thin
Hair blonde & black
Eyes blue & brown
Skin medium & fair
Class Rogue/Wizard & Bard
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

A jovial jackass and his over-paid under-worked scribe. They are on an epic adventure to get their bar back.



Lars appears as a foppish noble. He wears the same blue noble suit every day and always has a goofy grin on his face. Jacob appears more humbly dressed, with a white shirt and suspenders, and wearing a red beret. Lars is always found near or behind Jacob.


Lars can only be summarized as ridiculous. He is an avid follower of Turmidtilo and shares every chance he can to prank individuals in the cause of his deity. Lars enjoys drinking, particularly in the company of other rogue types.


Lars and Jacob are locals of Sindweth, who were sufficiently upset at the loss of their bar by the bandits. Explaining that the bar is also their temple and run by a barkeep named Rith Doombringer, they managed to appeal to Shin Kobayashi, who agreed to assist them in making a new bar.

While it is difficult to write out a full Biography for Lars, some of his exploits include...

  • Choosing to tight-rope across a dangerous pit.
  • Releasing a rope that was being used to rappel Ukami Kazemaru into a chasm, causing him to fall into the underground river below and sink in his armor.
  • Selling a powerful and dangerous sword to Leon Verdorbanon in exchange for the bail money of Gaius Magellus
  • Sleeping with Varwen and Flaei simultaneously.
  • Getting Flaei pregnant with Ariston's child... somehow.
  • Attracting the attention of Red Wulf, leader of the Shadow Guild, and joining him to take down the Church of Kuro
  • Singlehandedly stealing an apple and making a big epic thing of it.
  • Managing to gain the hatred of John Lockley and Sir Mathius for seemingly no reason.
  • Frequenting the Inn at Sindweth more than any other customer.
  • Paying his bard Jacob absurd amounts of money to do nothing but follow him.
  • Tarring and feathering a man for assaulting his bard.

Out of Game Information

Lars is the first character Kirby made for 3rd Edition. He originally was made with a last name, but no one remembers it.