Leon Verdorbanon

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Leon Verdorbanon
Full name Leon Verdorbanon
Race Human
Age 26
Birthday May 25
Height 6'2
Weight fit
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Pale-red
Class Fighter/Rogue/Cleric
Prestige Disciple of Baalzebul
Alignment Neutral Evil

Verdorbanon is a dark knight who ravaged the country side, making connections to various evils and manipulating government officials to put him into powerful positions. He later became one of the Seven Disciples.




Leon is a cold-hearted knight and has very little respect for human life. He sees the bodies of his victims to be clay, which he can mold and use freely to create art. Leon enjoys only the company of the strong and ambitious, if his party becomes too weak or stupid for that matter. He will cleverly attempt to dispose of them using any means necessary, including the government. He refuses to travel with the weak, unless he has some plan to use them for his own gain.


A dark figure in stag horns has been sighted composing evil deeds throughout the world. Having laid waste to the forest towns of Gyllene, he has brought forth the wrath of Kraina Wistari, as well as many others. His role is not known in the upcoming evil, but his has a tendency to appear everywhere that misfortune is present.

Triad of Evil

Leon started out as a noble knight in Kyth-Tiras. Then one day he was sent on a mission to Tianoku and when he had come back from the ruins he began killing the inhabitants of a small nearby village. Leon enjoyed the slaughtering of the village and furthermore enjoyed carving up the corpses and displaying them in vile ways across the village like some sort of sick museum. He showed no mercy to any of the villagers, men, women, even children he killed them all without a second thought or care. Leon later on left that realm never to be heard from again

Leon Verdorbenen once again appears in Kamakiri where he accompanied a Paladin and predominately good aligned group of rag-tag adventurers. He helped the party under the name of Shiro and showed his displeasing to killing the pirates which sat there, he instead had the pirates captured by the government and dealt with accordingly. Leon gained the trust of this new party and gained a bit of a reputation as the man whom helped solved the mysteries of Kamakiri. Again, Leon left the area not to be heard from again until sometime later.

Later on Leon again appears however this time with a new party one including a Warforged warrior, and fairly powerful sorcerer Gaius Magellus. He formed an alliance with these two and bullied what appeared to be a weaker party with them, however he wasn't as open about it. Together these three manipulated the death of a noble samurai whom they looted and Leon had taken claim to the samurai's armor. They also traveled with the party through the swamps where they ran into a nice sized band of Kale. The party spoke with the Kale to learn of their future. A halfling rogue that had been travelling with them grew quickly annoyed with this and shot the fortune teller. Leon and his two new friends took that as a cue and began to slaughter the Kale band. Leon took pleasure in doing this and began carving up the Kale,enjoying every second of it. He even disemboweled a small Kale boy and hung him up on a tree with his intestines. Magellus marked the child as having been killed by the newly formed "Triad of Evil"€. Leon was not too happy giving credit to his work to the other two regardless as to whether or not they were his allies.

The Triad then set out alone where they ran into a new party consisting of a Kobold, Gnome, nunchucking fighter, and a demented druid. Once again Magellus placed the Triad into power quickly and extorted the others, offering the Gnome protection from the Kobold. Leon had taken part in this but much less forced than his allies. Meanwhile, while the Triad had slept they awoken to the new parties attempt at assassinating them all on account of the druid's planning. This greatly angered Magellus and the Warforged to no end, however Leon felt a certain amount of respect for the druid and his choice to overthrow the reign of the Triad. Afterwards, they eventually came to an agreement leaving the Triad in power as the Druid and Nunchuck wielding fighter set out on their own.

The Triad and Kobold and Gnome came to the town of Sindweth eventually. Here the Kobold had made plans to escape with the Gnome; the gnome refusing the help of the kobold left on her own. While the party was in town, they had separated going their own ways, the Warforged and Magellus left for the bar and the Kobold seemed to disappear for a bit. While Leon noticed a wagon which sold magical items. Leon spoke with the man running the shop who's name he found out to be none other than Malakis one of Ariston's lackies. Leon was assigned a job in exchange for an item of power; the job being to find the remnants of a group of soldiers Ariston had sent out to attack Sindweth. Leon found the remnants of the skeletal army and then became quite intrigued, so he spoke with Malakis about a plan to take over Sindweth with ease. Leon's plan was to infiltrate the town with soldiers disguised as merchants while having an army attack the town from the outside distracting the guards, so that the army on the inside could unleash havoc upon the town. Malakis laughed wholeheartedly enjoying Leon's plan and said that he may have work for Leon with Ariston, with that said Malakis gave Leon his ring which Leon kept. Upon walking back toward Sindweth, Leon ran into Magellus whom had asked him what was going on, Leon smiled slightly and whispered "€œWe're going to take this fucking town."€ Magellus looked to Leon wondering what he had planned and Leon simply entered the town without saying another word.

The next day in Sindweth the party had been sitting in the bar and Magellus had begun to drink heavily on account that the Gnome woman had disappeared and he apparently had fallen in love. Magellus, Leon, and the Warforged would and ruckus outside which had been caused by the kobold setting fire to random buildings, the group ran out to see the happenings watching the town's guards rush toward the kobold and seeing the kobold run off. Magellus took this as his cue to begin taking over the town by throwing his spells at the town guards, the Warforged threw himself into the battle and began attacking the guards relentlessly as well. Leon scoffed and made a mad charge for the kobold. Eventually Leon had cornered the kobold and captured him bringing him into custody for the guards of Sindweth to do with him accordingly. Magellus and the Warforged upon realizing they were receiving no help from Leon were all throw in jail with the exception of Leon. Leon claimed that he wished to help the town under any means necessary. The guards thanked Leon for his help and told him to speak with a Lord. Leon spoke with this man and was told he would be given a position as captain of the guard after the trial. Leon was pleased to hear this and left for the bar, where he ran into a rogue whom went by the name of Lars, the rogue held with him a sword that could rip apart the flesh of anything, he claimed it was used formerly by a fallen Paladin who's head he still carried. Lars was going to sell the sword to Leon however at a very high price of 20,000 gold pieces. Leon agreed to purchase the sword knowing exactly where he would get the money. Leon left the bar, and began making his way toward the prison where Magellus and the Warforged had been held. Leon told them that he could help them out of the prison however it would come at the steep price of 20,000 gold which he was willing to help pay for. Magellus and the Warforged then reluctantly gave Leon all their possessions in hopes that Leon was right about being able to get them out of jail. Leon smiled and walked away with the party's possessions and promptly sold them to Lars in exchange for the sword. The next day was the day of the trial where it would be determined whether or not that Magellus and the Warforged would be executed for their crimes.

The next day began the trial of Magellus and Necron (the Warforged), which seemed hopeless. Then called to the stands was Leon Verdorbenen, this brought hope to Magellus and Necron that their 20,000 gold would pay off finally and they would get out of this whole deal, after all Leon wouldn't betray the Triad of Evil. Well, at the trial while Leon was being questioned he testified against Magellus and Necron describing every vile act they had done together in grizzly detail. Leon proclaimed the public execution would be the best way to finally rid the realms of these fiends. Magellus was shocked and glared at Leon throughout the rest of the trial. After the trial Magellus was locked up and Leon was summoned by the Lord, where he was appointed position of Captain of the Guards of Sindweth. Later that night Magellus had managed to escape and flee Sindweth swearing vengeance upon Leon Verdorbenen that the Triad of Evil was broken and never more.

While Leon was the captain of the guard he controlled the town with a reign of fear and violence, anyone whom disobeyed Leon's order was immediately killed. The Lord was also mysteriously murdered which Leon was to investigate however, a replacement was quickly made; the replacement being Ralnd, Ariston's rebellious son. Ralnd taught Leon what he needed to know about how to react and treat Lord Ariston and what to do in his presence. Ralnd also said that Ariston would be coming and that he wanted to speak with the one in charge of Sindweth. So Leon set off with the summons for the head of Sindweth; the head angrily stormed out claiming he could see Leon for what he really was. Upon reaching Ralnd's quarters there began a battle between the head of Sindweth and Lord Ariston. After a tragic battle for Sindweth the town had finally fallen, just as Leon said it would. Leon took the town and placed it into dark ruins, nobody was to leave or enter the town. Leon began relentlessly hunting down anyone he chose and killed them without mercy. Leon even broke into a rebels' quarters and slaughter them all without second thought, until there begged the last one pleading for his life. Leon approached the pleading man and smiled “You have nothing to worry about, I won't hurt you.” the man said he would do anything, anything just so long as he did not die. Leon assured the man that he had nothing to fear anymore and that death embrace him warmly, with that said Leon flipped out his dagger and drove it through the man's lower jaw up into his skull.

Leon then spent his days doing miscellaneous jobs for Ralnd and Ariston, he was even sent on a few with a mercenary whom went by the name of Legingwir. The group claimed that their town had fallen into these ruins because of an evil dragon and that they would need to set out to slay it immediately, so Leon, Ralnd, Legingwir and even the cleric Sven Evongaut (whom Leon brought back to life after finding him in a dark chapel). Leon continued throughout his days working with Ralnd and Ariston...

Battle of Sindweth

Leon stood at the front of an abandoned chapel preparing a sacrifice to Volos-Kowl, however was interrupted by an elven ranger, whom he later found out to be the father of one of his many pieces of art which he had spread throughout the realm. The man charged toward Leon and began to attack him, Leon fought off the man and managed to knock him out of the chapel so as to not ruin his sacrifice. While the two fought outside much to his surprise, Leon's sister Sophitia intervened with the battle as if to protect Leon. Leon took the opportunity while the ranger was distracted to finish him off with a final thrust of his sword, killing him. His sister turned around and begged Leon to stop doing what he had been doing, that she knew about the innocent people he had killed. Leon laughed and began attacking her, however despite his assault Sophitia seemed fixated on only subduing him. On the final blow Leon hit Sophitia with the hilt of his sword.

As Leon looked at the unconscious body of his sister Leon scooped her up and brought her down into his torture chamber. First Leon strapped his sister into a device called the jaw breaker, and then used healing spells to bring her back to consciousness. Once his sister awoke he proceeded to break her jaw. Leon smiled hearing the cries of his "€œdear sister"€, once that was done Leon unsheathed his signature dagger and removed her eyes; after that Sophitia fell again into unconsciousness. Leon then, stabilized her and thrust his dagger into the table where his sister was unconscious. Prior to leaving he unstrapped her setting her free for when she recovered.

Leon then returned to the chapel and disemboweled the child he had at the alter using his large sword. Leon then left his sword within the child's chest and removed his armor leaving it in front of the altar and the child. Afterwards Leon left the town and was never heard from or spoken of again....