Lord Braxton

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Lord Braxton
Full name Lord Athelred M. Braxton
Race Human
Age 45
Birthday Jan. 4
Height 5'10
Weight thin
Hair red
Eyes brown
Skin tan
Class Aristocrat
Alignment Lawful Neutral



Lord Braxton is frequently dressed in expensive clothing and carries a haughty demeanor. A close observation reveals that he is visibly stressed with his position.


Lord Braxton comes off as very haughty and arrogant. While there is definitely some truth to this, he lack of concern for those around him is due to overwhelming stress with maintaining affairs and his position. He wishes to appears a strong leader of Sindweth, and while he is in no situation of losing his power, he fears for his reputation when bad things happen in his town. He will do anything to save face, and is generally not a good judge of character. He relies on his lieutenant, Lord Eldore, to take care of the affairs concerning the common people.


Lord Braxton is the man in charge of Sindweth. Braxton informed the Traveling Circus that while he was helping the villagers escape the assault, his daughter was captured by the goblin bandits. He is currently with the Order of the Bifrost Bridge.

Out of Game Information

I have no idea where the name Braxton came from, but I liked it and held onto it once I came up with it.