Maiko Morisuzu

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Maiko Morisuzu
Full name Maiko Morisuzu
Race Kitsune
Age 17
Birthday June 9th
Height 4'11
Weight 110lbs
Hair Silver
Eyes Blue
Country Tianoku
Class Rogue//Bard
Alignment Chaotic Good
Deity Venanya
Played By Rei Urbank

Maiko is a character in the current party.



Maiko has blue eyes and silver hair. She appears short and delicate for a human and is relatively attractive. She frequently dresses provocatively and is never seen without her two bladed fans, one edged in silver and the other with cold iron, hanging decoratively at her waist. She prefers to stay in human form the majority of the time, unless being in her kitsune form would give her a diplomatic or tactical advantage. In her natural form she is covered in silver fur and appears as a humanoid fox with sharp claws and teeth.


The famous Morisuzu family of Tianoku is dedicated to increasing the honor of their family and country, and the end of all undead abominations. A member of the famous Morisuzu family of Tianoku, Maiko is dedicated to her country and her family, especially her twin sister Reiko Morisuzu. While Reiko was trained more for direct combat, Maiko was raised to be a political diplomat, spy, and when necessary, assassin. As part of this training she became proficient in the arts of light magic, music, the ocarina, dance, acrobatics, and seduction. To prepare for this purpose she also studied history, geography, religion, and any other subject her family thought would be useful.

While traveling in Tianoku, Maiko and her sister were abducted and woke in slavery, digging underground for some unknown purpose or treasure. After escaping with her fellow prisoners, she has dedicated herself to finding and avenging herself against those who enslaved her and her sister. In the course of the adventure, she realized that this revenge will also help prevent a greater evil from being brought into the world and so continues to fight against Logan, even though it means temporarily remaining apart from her family.


Maiko has a very cynical way of looking at the world. With all of the study she has made of people and politics, she no longer trusts anyone to have simple or pure motivation for any action or opinion. Despite her inner cynicism, she presents herself as a happy and carefree adventurer. To others she seems to be a cheerful optimist with nothing to hide. She intentionally wears provocative clothing and is friendly with strangers unless it helps her diplomatically to be otherwise. Most do not notice that the fans at her side are actually deadly weapons, specifically designed to kill undead and demons; or that she can instantly transform into a creature of fur, claws, and deadly teeth when necessary. She loves nothing more than her twin sister and the honor of her family.

Fighting Style

Maiko's preferred weapons are her two bladed fans. However, she uses any weapon at hand that allows her to surprise her opponent. She frequently uses her spells to vanish, appear friendly to her enemies, and attack her enemies from behind. She will transform often in battle if the surprise of her teeth and claws will give her an advantage over her opponents. Maiko likes to make every fight a performance, turning her movements into dance, tumbling and jumping around her opponents, and even providing a soundtrack to the battle if necessary with her ocarina to make it more entertaining.

Interactions with other members

  • Reiko: Maiko is very close with her twin sister and will defend her against all others in battle or argument, even when the two themselves may not agree.
  • Arniel: Initially Maiko did not think very much of Arniel. Being from Desola, he seems to have low morals and does not seemed concerned with honor. Throughout their adventures, she has seen him flirt with every attractive woman they come across and appear to care about not much other than drinking or sex. However, she has also seen him get down to business when it matters and he always backs up his allies in battle. They have managed to become more coordinated as a team as time has gone on and she now sees him as being more worthwhile a companion.
  • Bodil: Maiko respects Bodil's dedication to her deity and to backing up her allies in a fight.
  • Katri: Katri is a bit confusing to her. He has an opposing style of life, seeming to prefer direct attacks and confrontations. However, she respects the dwarf's dedication to animal life and appreciates the way Katri was kind to Maiko's fox cousins at the temple in Tianoku.
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  • Tobias: Despite his religious dedication, Tobias seems to be hotheaded and does not think problems through. Instead he throws rocks or punches anything that bothers him to make the problem go away. He may settle down with time, but for now Maiko sees him as a time-bomb that could cause them trouble if they are ever forced to talk their way out of a problem.
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