Maris and Joan

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Maris and Joan
Full name Maris & Joan
Race Humans
Age 28 \ 26
Height 5'9
Weight stout \ thin
Hair balding with black hair \ silver hair
Eyes brown
Skin rust-colored
Class Wizard Specialist (Evocation & Conjuration)
Class Red Wizard
Alignment Neutral Evil

Maris and Joan, along with Thantar were mercenary mages who were in league with the Bronze Contingent and the Church of Kuro. They attacked a group of adventurers outside of Tazarya twice, the first time resulting in the death of Maris, and the second resulting in Joanie's death.



Maris appears as a short stout man, while Joan appears as a tall thin woman. Both have darker skin and dress in red and gold robes. Maris is balding, and has black hair on the sides of his head, while Joan has silver-white hair that hangs to shoulder length. Both have a look of anger about them, with Maris being aggressive tempered and Joan seeming more cold and calculated.


it is difficult to say why Maris decided to become a wizard, as he seems to have more in common with a barbarian than anything else. He is quick to anger and frequently forces fireballs and other damaging spells against his enemies.

Joan by contrast is cold and ambitious. She has strong desire to act as a group leader, and this reflects in her specialization of conjuration. Despite this, she has a sort of bossy childish personality that makes her difficult to take seriously.


Not much is known about Maris and Joan before they became mercenaries. They lived in Desla and they were both drilled in magical arts, excelling in their particular subjects. They hooked up with the mage Thantar and the three of them formed an arcane mercenary company. Their trio joined up with various warlords who paid them to depose and dispose of other warlords. They made a good living doing this for nearly ten years. After the death of the Deacon, the Church of Kuro hired them to assassinate John Lockley and his companions. The first attack resulted in the death of Maris, and the second attack to avenge him resulted in Joan's death. This led to Thantar retiring from their mercenary group.

Out of Game Information

Maris and Joan were captains made for a wargame that never really came about.