Morgana MaLace

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Morgana MaLace
Full name Morgana MaLace
Race Fey
Age eternal
Height 5'2
Weight thin
Hair white
Eyes purple
Skin blue-white
Class Necromancer
Alignment Neutral Evil



Morgana appears as a lovely woman with pale blue skin and white hair. She is dressed in soft, free flowing white robes and has an aura of cold about her everywhere she goes.


Morgana is an evil faerie sorceress who thrives on cold. She is loyal to her sisters Iris and Velvetcina, though often very jealous - often capturing men of high charisma and keeping them enslaved in her lair. Her only other companion is a redcap gremlin named Maggz.


A fey creature who thrives in the arctic, her vision was to turn the entire world into an arctic wasteland. Having one of the orbs, she was using it's power to command the weather long distances. An eternal cold pummeled down upon the world until the party defeated her and captured the orb. Unfortunately, it seems other evils have plans for the orb as well.

She was later restored by her sisters and proceeded to gather forces to avenge her death. It was during this time she met with the Sindweth Council, who were seeking Kemai - the sword of Lutz Darkwind. Lutz had passed outside her lair and when they arrived her forced attacked them. She was once again dispatched, but not before taking the life of Arniel and Valanch. Lutz and Arniel were later given a funeral pyre.

Out of Game Information

Morgana was a character played by Kirby's ex-girlfriend.