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Full name Norbert Octavian Marcellus Egbert ("Nome")
Race Gnome
Age 35
Height 3'5"
Weight Light
Hair Orange
Eyes Functional
Class Gestalt - Inquisitor // Fighter
Alignment Chaotic Good
Played By Lorelei Hoover



Norbert Octavian....Nome grew up in Koln. His parents were house-gnomes and idolized their human masters, hence Nome's given name is atypical of his race. His parents' greatest ambition for their only son was that he become a court bard who entertained human and elf kings alike.

While training at the temple, Nome became angsty and began to rebel against his parents' plans. In response, his parents sent him to "study abroad". Nome met the travelers at the base of a tree outside of Fen Xu.

Nome had never seen a man die until he joined the travelers. In the Realm of Heroes, Nome had an existential crisis and decided he could be more than a bard. Nome grew callous and decided to train "Rocky style" in the ways of the fighter. He also donned the mantle of the inquisitor and vowed to oppose all those who used the wonders of magic for evil.

In the middle of the party's battle against a band of harpies where Nome and Reiko found themselves trapped together in a pit, Nome developed romantic feelings for Reiko which were returned. This stemmed partly from Nome's admiration of Reiko's fearlessness in battle, and partly because there's nothing more romantic than mounting giant fireflies and launching an aerial attack against foes.

When the party entered Rikstead Nome was reunited with his parents at the Red Horse Inn. Nome's existential crisis was not received fondly by the humans his parents served, and the Egbert family had to fall back on their bard abilities for a living. Nome's younger brother, Herble, was found to be an accomplished musician. Disgusted by his parents' naivety and fear of adventure, Nome encouraged Herble to "job shadow" the party for a small adventure around the city. This led to Herble's stint as a runaway/giant prisoner. The party saved Herble and enrolled him in the Orlandu Valtrice's School of Magic, where Herble would study and become a magus.


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Fighting Style

Surprising, unexpected

Buffs/small heals

Interactions with other members of the party

Romantic to: Reiko

Admires: Reiko, Arniel (because he met Arniel when he was young and impressionable)

Friendly with: Bodil

Wary of: Katri


The Sindweth Council


Out of Game Information