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Leader Seseron
Nation Palis
Alignment Lawful Good
Government magocratic empire
Size Megapolis
Racial Demographics 100% human
Spending Limit 500,000gp

Basic Information



The city of Palis was once a small town in the great nation of Lath. Most of Lath has since then fallen into the sea on account of a horrible spell/curse/no one is really sure that occurred 800 years ago. Since then, Lord Seseron has been the ruler of the town and turned it into a vast megapolis we see today.

Palis is now the size of a small country, holding in upwards of 5 million people in within its many layers of walls (as people immigrated to the city, more walls have been built.) As a city that thrives on its thirst for knowledge, the structures, particularly in the center of the city, are vast and filled with arcane libraries. For ease of travel, a system of elemental powered monorails runs between districts, for those important enough or able to afford it.

Seseron still rules today, despite his unnaturally advanced age. Being a rather progressive leader, he approves of all non-hostile religions within his walls, and even encourages more martial religions to assist with the police force. (These religions include Dyaus-Oter, Belenar-Sol, Ishk-Terisa, The Triad, Minaya, and Feronia among others.) Outside of this, dwarves rank the second highest demographic of humanoid within the city, and he continuously seeks their assistance in provisions for foundation and infrastructure, as well as armed forces. Palis has an elite contingent of dwarven soldiers that are feared by any enemy it may have.

The Captain of the Northern district is Redro Law, a burly man who takes no nonsense from any sort of chaos or criminal activity within his jurisdiction. While not second to Seseron, he is within his circle of influence and has political power within his district of the city. Captain Redro's reputation precedes him, as he has been known to injure and even kill those that cross him with his bare fists. Reputation aside, he is a relatively good-natured individual, despite his shortness of temper.

North of Palis is Gætharheim, which is a plain known for its savage inhabitants that avoid the city for an unknown reason, but raid travelers upon the outside of it.

Far to the west is the city of Marlkova, though not too many residents from this area frequent Palis. Most visitors from Marlkova are the Kale, a traveling people with a penchant for arcane merchandise and performances. People from Palis also rarely travel to Marlkova, as the road is rumored to be haunted.

Southwest is the city of Minayas, which is known for having the greatest universities in the known world (surpassing even Palis, despite being a lot smaller.) Minayas is ruled by a council of elders, and the road to it, while not being haunted, contains various strange and magical - though often hostile - creatures.

Directly south of Palis is the Lathian Sea, which once was part of the great nation of Lath. There are rumors that the old descendants of the Lath that submerged have survived as a nation under the sea, but this has never been proven.

To the East of Palis is the city of Aurora, which is basically an outpost for Seseron to guard against orc and goblin raids. Aurora is ruled by a governor named Goodhue, and since its erection, there has not been any hostile activity in Palis from the eastern border. However goblins have been reported migrating to the north in response, so this may only be a temporary solution.

Seseron is currently on a pilgrimage to the far eastern lands of Kyth-Tiras, where the descendant of the great hero Sir Henry goes every ten years to fulfill a sort of ancient ceremony. Not much is known of this ceremony except that there is much celebration upon his return, so the people do indeed look forward to it.





Notable People

Maurice Axious

Redro Law