Quenton "The Slasher" Dicé

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Quenton "The Slasher" Dicé
Full name Quenton "The Slasher" Dicé
Race Human
Age 28
Height 6'1
Weight physically fit
Hair black & blue
Eyes brown
Skin green
Class Cleric/Fighter/Swashbuckler
Alignment True Neutral

The Greatest Swordsman to ever walk the roads. Quenton was a travelling warrior who journeyed to prove himself the best swordsman to ever live. He joined Seseron on a mission to protect Sir Henry's heir, though he was unable to do so. He is also a champion in arena combat, and very briefly a wielder of magic. He indeed was a great swordsman, with dual short-swords being his weapons of choice.



Quenton "The Slasher" dresses very extravagantly. His hair is spiked into a large mohawk and painted blue. He seems to have little concern for his appearance as when Valeron turned his skin green, he seemed to only vaguely notice at all. Quenton keeps a Holy Symbol of Turmidtilo at his chest.


Quenton's demeanor can be described as loud, boisterous, and dramatic. He is quick to an idea and quick to lose track as a new one arrives. He loves to talk about himself, and has a level of charming arrogance about him. Despite this, he also desires to meet new people, particularly people he would consider heroic like himself. Quenton has a strong need for attention, and travels everywhere to see that he gets it. His quirky personality tends to undermine his credibility, and many of his boasts seem as though they are more fabrications than actual events that have occurred.

Interactions with the Travelling Circus

Quenton gets along with everyone. While Kraina Wistari and Lokokun found him utterly annoying, Krios, Valeron, and Shin Kobayashi found him hilarious. Though his story seemed to check out, no one was really certain initially if he was truthful about his knowledge of Seseron and the heir of Sir Henry. The Travelling Circus did not finally believe Quenton until they met him in the Realm of Heroes. He is greatly respected by Krios for his ability to fight as well as his love of it.


Youth of the Swordsman

Quenton Dicé grew up in small village near Venexia. His father and older brother follow the boring life in the cobbler trade. Quenton, against his father's wishes, refused the trade and instead saw to constant training with his swords. Quenton dreamed of being a knight or even a soldier, but as his family refused to pay to have him trained in warfare, all of Quenton's proficiency with his blades is self-taught.

When he was old enough, Quenton set out on his own, and shortly after, set across a tavern. This being his first experience at such an establishment, he quickly learned of tales of wandering adventurers performing heroic deeds. It was at this tavern he also learned of the god Turmidtilo, and how he was the Guardian of the Road. Quenton took to this, and decided in Turmidtilo's name, he would become "The Greatest Swordsman to Ever Walk the Roads!" And walk Quenton did; his journeys took him to many different cities and he met many characters on the way. Any chance he could, Quenton would challenge people he viewed as expert swordsmen to duel, so that he could test his prowess with his swords. He continued to practice every day.

Start of Adventure

It was near Kyth-Tiras that Quenton came across Spencer of Thadeus and Sophitia Verdorbanon. When the two of them explained that they were after some men who had committed horrible crimes, he quickly agreed to accompany them. He made it quickly known that he had been nearly everywhere in his quest to show off his swordsmanship, and that he could likely help to find the men they were after. Despite his boisterous nature, the pair accepted him into their group.

The three of them also came across a Kale sorcerer who went by the name of Makabrose Sarth. He informed them that after a mishap caused by one of his party companions, he somehow ended up in their location, and uncertain of where he was or how exactly he ended up there, he asked to join them in hopes to figure it out. Quenton was quickly impressed with Makabrose's talent in Kale sorcery, and invited him to come along. His companions, initially more cautious about letting a strange Kale sorcerer into their group, reluctantly agreed to allow him to join them.

Quenton led the other three to the city of Palis, where they came across the Temple of Dyaus-Oter. While Spencer and Sophitia left for the temple, Quenton went off to the tavern where he came across three elves: Rynn Torskell, Gaius Magellus, and Griggs. There Magellus taught Quenton the use of some dark magics, in exchange for a session of sword training. They spent the next two days teaching each other, before Quenton leaned from Sophitia, that they and Spencer had been requested to meet with Seseron, the ruler of Palis.

Seseron approached them in a friendly manner and asked the four of them to accompany him to a cave, in which they were to protect a young boy on his quest to seal a portal using an heirloom he possessed. They traveled for awhile, though upon reaching Akert, Spencer broke away from the group to help the people who were being oppressed there. Quenton informed Seseron that he would see to recover Spencer, and if he was unable to do so, to leave the next morning. Then he went off to search for his companion. He found Spencer outside the governor's mansion and managed to run up to him just as Spencer barged in. When Spencer tried to attack the governor, he was shot and taken to prison. Quenton tried to protect Spencer, and fought off several of the guards, but he found himself peacefully ceasing combat after Spencer had been incapacitated.

Quenton "The Slasher"

The two of them were forced into an gladiatorial arena, where they were to face the malicious and renowned arena fighter, Bobby Corwin. Bobby Corwin sadistically beat Spencer until he was incapacitated, at which point Quenton was let out to fight. Their swords clashed quickly and angrily as the two monsters attacked each other in this brutal combat. Quenton found that he been very badly injured, but so too had his enemy. Down to his last wind, Quenton managed to get a blow upon Bobby Corwin's head, knocking him unconscious. The crowd cheered and Quenton declared loudly proclaimed himself "Quenton 'The Slasher' Dicé! The Greatest Swordsman to Ever Walk the Roads!" As he reveled in the cheers of the crowd, he proceeded to perform the dark magic taught to him by Magellus to drain the strength from Bobby Corwin. In all the cheer, he demanded the governor free him and Spencer, which governor Diametes reluctantly did.

Quenton and Spencer left Akert and went to follow Seseron, Makabrose, and Sophitia. Spencer and Quenton continued to the cave, which was overrun with large demonic creatures that resembled both lizards and insects. Deciding immediately that their three companions must have needed their help, the two of the charged onward and fought the monsters. As they made their way inside, they came across another man, who ran into the cave to get away from the creatures. He was a seemingly unscrupulous man by the name of Jackie Chambers, and he had been using a small bit of stage magic to keep three of the creatures at bay. Quenton found this man's demeanor interesting, as he seemed, while not completely sane, very showy and extravagant, much like himself. The three of them quickly made their way to the main chamber to warn Seseron, Makabrose, and Sophitia.

The ritual room was circular in nature, and the boy was commencing the ritual with Seseron, Makabrose, and Sophitia watching over him. The three of them entered the room, and just as they did, all the torchlight went out. In an instant the boy was dead, and though they wasted no time getting a more powerful light spell cast into the room, by the time they had all they found was a drow assassin standing over the body. She released more of the reptilian monsters into the room and teleported away, and the six of them commenced into battle. As the six were nearing the end of the monsters to fight, a dwarf in black robes stepped from the door and set the iron ceiling to come crashing down toward them.

Quickly Quenton and Spencer raised their arms to catch the ceiling. Makabrose, being close to the exit, managed to jump away to the passage where it was safe. Jack Chambers, Sophitia, and Seseron remained prone on the ground, still startled as the ceiling now remained loose in the arms of their two companions. As they held up the ceiling, the other three managed to slip out the doorway to their escape. With only the two of them left, Spencer asked Quenton to watch over Sophitia and managed to convince Quenton to let go of the ceiling and make his way out the door as well. Begrudgingly, Quenton did as he was asked, promising Spencer that Sophitia would be safe before letting go. As Quenton slipped out the door, the weight of the iron ceiling proved to be too much for Spencer, and he was crushed under it and perished.

Darkness and Mourning

Rushing to follow the others, he found himself single-handedly facing off with more of the insectlike creatures. After defeating them without too much difficulty, he met with Seseron, Sophitia, Makabrose, and Jackie Chambers. Seseron proclaimed that he must immediately return to Palis and explain what had happened. Sophitia remained in silent mourning for her companion. Quenton felt directly responsible for his companion's death, as Spencer could have just as easily escaped and left him to die, had he wished to. He remained with Sophitia, mourning and feeling guilty as well.

The four of them traveled for about a week slowly when they came across a man by the name of Dhanzererak. Jack Chambers was particularly fond of Dhanzererak, even though the man seemed to be fond of no one, including himself. Jack Chambers helped pass the time by telling Quenton of his work as an opera singer, and his intent to perform again. Quenton, enjoying the idea of performing for a crowd, was very interested, and informed Jack Chambers that he would act in any action role required for the performance.

One night, Quenton woke up to see that Sophitia had left the group. He was not certain why she abandoned them, and though he attempted to follow her tracks, they soon faded and he was left unable to locate her. He returned to his companions, and the four of them made their way into the town of Tazarya.

While in Tazarya, Jack Chambers began writing a script for his play, and though Quenton hadn't realized it for two days, most of their wealth had been spent on an alabaster statue. Chambers insisted that the four of them could bring it to life, and the four of them performed a dark ritual to animate the stone golem. realized his magic was getting stronger, and Jackie Chambers encouraged the idea that they would have a sort of forbidden power unlike any the world had known. Chambers was in possession of an ancient scroll, and exclaimed that its use would bring powers beyond anything man could comprehend. Quenton grew nervous of Chambers, and his suspicions grew worse when he overheard Jack Chambers tell Dhanzererak that the scroll would be read during the play, and bring uncomprehending doom to anyone who witnessed the show.

The Circus Begins

At this knowledge Quenton swore off the use of dark magic forever, and managed to steal away the scroll and run away with it. He knew that Jack Chambers would follow him in attempt to recover the scroll, but he figured that if it came to that, he would fight him off. Deciding to put that chapter of his life behind him, Quenton began travelling from town to town in Tianoku, in search of more adventure.

On the road to Sasori, Quenton ran across a group who called themselves the Travelling Circus. One of the group Valeron turned his skin green. He explained to the group that he had known Seseron, and was there when the boy had been killed, though they did not seem to believe him. Deciding that a circus performance could be just as exciting as an arena performance, he accepted an invite to join them. He was slated to perform an epic sword fight with Krios and Shin Kobayashi. The Circus performed in Sasori, and among the spectators were Kesshuu, grand vizier of the Lord of Sasori, as well as the drow whom he had seen slay the boy Seseron was with. Quenton saw this assassin and became immediately fearful, recalling what had happened to Spencer. Despite this, he was encouraged to go out on the set, and shortly after he had, he was slain by her companion Oscar.

Final Reward

Quenton "The Slasher" Dicé, having lived a heroic life, was rewarded with an afterlife in the Realm of Heroes. When the party arrived in the Realm, he greeted them happily. They then went and battled a ferocious red dragon. Quenton informed them that he looked forward to seeing them again someday, and he hopes that he will meet them at the Realm of Heroes when their time comes. He has been unable to locate Spencer however, and misses his friend dearly.

Out of Game Information

Quenton "The Slasher" Dicé is a composite character of two different characters played by James Koon. His name derives from Slash from Chrono Trigger, and the last name Dicé was a quick and uninspired name by placing an accent on the word dice, which were strewn about the table at the time, as they are during every D&D session.

The Traveling Circus