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Full name Reighna
Race Human
Age ageless, 24 at Cataclysm
Birthday Aug 2
Height 5'7
Weight thin
Hair pink
Eyes red
Skin fair
Class Paladin/Monk
Alignment Lawful Good

Reighna is one of the Seven Heroes of the Cataclysm. Sometime after the Cataclysm she was transformed into a sword on her own volition and gave herself to Seseron to defend his people in times of trouble. She was most recently wielded by Guz Gunny.



Reighna is a large woman with long pink hair. She is dressed in white and red robes and wields a very large sword.



Out of Game Information

Reighna was initially the name of Guz's sword first, and developed into a character later, when it was decided that Guz's sword was actually sentient. The name came from the character Reina/Leena from Final Fantasy V.