Reiko Morisuzu

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Reiko Morisuzu
Full name Reiko Morisuzu
Race Kitsune
Age 17
Birthday June 9th
Height 4'11"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Amber
Eyes Amber
Class Ranger//Rogue
Alignment Chaotic Good
Deity Feronia
Played By Lauren Cohen

Reiko is a character in the current party.



Reiko has amber eyes with amber color fur or hair when in her human form. She has a slender build and when in her Kitsune form has sharp claws and teeth.


A fierce undead hunter from her homeland,her main objective in life is to wipe them from the face of the earth. She had a near death experience with undead attacking her family back home and ever since then she has vowed to remove this stain by any means necessary. Training with her twin sister Maiko Morisuzu they have learned various skills that have been proven to be useful in their different paths She was drugged and imprisoned in slave labor, digging tunnels for god knows what. Now she hunts for answers with her other party members.


She has a very somber way of looking at things and knows when to act whatever part she needs to play to ensure the smoothest transaction possible. Loyal and trustworthy she always does the right thing as long as it doesn't conflict with her personal agenda. She would go to any lengths to ensure her honor isn't smudged because keeping a good reputation of respect is something her family prides upon.

Fighting Style

Loves to sneak attack and flank the enemy. Prefers to hit the thing head on instead of sitting back. Will use whatever weapon she can get her hands on.

Interactions with other members

Reiko shares a close bond with her twin Maiko and enjoys her company. She thinks the elf companion is annoying and troublesome. One of the dwarfs is a smart ass and is very amusing, while the other is mostly quiet. She has no real opinions on the humans at this time. Vincent ValVeto is very useful to have around in a pinch and she enjoys fighting with him as well.


The Sindweth Council