Rynn Torskell

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Rynn Torskell
Full name Rynn Torskell
Race Copper Elf
Hair brown
Class Ranger/Fighter
Prestige Tempest
Alignment Chaotic Good

Rynn Torskell is a copper elf whom, like man others, commenced himself to a vengeance quest against Leon Verdorbanon.




Rynn Torskell is a one man army, he has any weapon you could need for any situation. Since the murder of his beloved daughter Rynn has sworn vengance on the man whom killed her. Rynn loves to live life to it's fullest and has little reguard for the rules. He dislikes soldiers as he feels they are too uptight. He dislikes stupid people. Rynn prefers to strategically plan out how to go about a battle before throwing himself into it, although he is never above being right in the midst of it all. Rynn will help anyone anyway he can as long as he has taken a liking to him. His fighting style is uncertain because he feels he can use just about any weapon.


Rynn was once married to a human woman by the name of Maria; and they had a child together named Katherine. He chose to live in the woods with his wife as that was where he was much more comfortable, and would hunt for food on his own to feed his family. Maria longed to live in the city and after awhile grew sick of the woods and decided to leave Rynn and her own daughter for a noble whom she had been secretly seeing while Rynn would 'Climb in the trees like some damn ape'.

Sometime after 'that bitch for a wife' left him Rynn decided to go on a big hunt for a dragon in the woods, he asked a female druid friend of his to stay by and watch over his daughter while he was on the hunt, she gladly agreed to as she had a bit of a crush on Rynn; and loved his daughter very much. Two weeks later Rynn came back from his hunt and to his horror found home broken into with a trail of blood leading toward the house, when he looked up he found his druid friend pinned to the door and gutted; Rynn was devastated and became quite ill upon seeing this, however nothing would prepare him for what he saw inside his home.. Rynn rocked himself and became sick while in the woods after seeing his friend in the woods like that then he pulled his friend down and laid her by the home, Rynn slowly entered the house to his horror he saw bits and pieces of his beloved daughter chopped up and pinned all over the home, her head was hung bloody on the mantle. Rynn became heartbroken and filled with a burning rage he stormed outside and began looking for tracks which he inevitably found. Rynn burned down his home with the corpse of his daughter and beloved friend inside, and made a vow to hunt down and kill the beast that did this.

Rynn followed the tracks for days and they led him to a Kale caravan where they had all been brutally murdered; one child he noticed had been disemboweled and hung by his own entrails. Rynn gathered the bodies of the Kale together and cremated them and bid them farewell. Rynn then continued his hunt for the man responsible for his daughter's death, and the death of the innocent. Sometime passed on his hunt without luck and Rynn decided to take it easy in Sindweth before he could begin his hunt again, short on funds however Rynn decided to become a mercenary.

Rynn's first job was to retrieve the mayor's daughter whom had been captured, Rynn accepted the job along with a monk. Together they worked together and successfully retrieved the girl, nobody could ever anticipate what would happen on the journey back, the girl was a constant complainer and a snob, much like how Rynn's wife was as she was having the affair. This girl was driving Rynn crazy he hated everything about her and felt like killing her in her sleep just to shut her up. However, with the monk's help Rynn restrained himself and got the girl back to Sindweth safely.

Rynn spent some more time in Sindweth and noticed a strange group of adventurers come by on occasion, one was a mechanical warrior, another was a mage, and then there was this dark clad knight. Rynn didn't think much of it as this appeared to be the trend for this town, adventurers coming and going. One day however shortly after the town had appointed a new Captain of the Guard, Leon Verdorbenen, Rynn found this a bit suspicious that this new man would be hired for the job so quickly, and after only capturing a kobold and testifying against what Rynn thought were his allies, but were apparently not since he had testified against them in court, so he heard. Rynn became weary of the idea, and fled Sindweth to a nearby town alone.

Sometime after being in the town Rynn again noticed the same mage from Sindweth, travelling with an attractive huntress. Rynn's curiousity was sparked and he decided to ask what it was they were doing. Sometimes after chatting with the group Rynn came to discover that it was infact Leon Verdorbenen whom hung the Kale child, with the help of the mage, Gaius Magellus whom was now reformed with the help of the huntress. Rynn knew that Leon was the one he would have to seek, he felt it deep inside him and knew that after all this time Leon Verdorbenen was the villian he wanted to kill. Magellus shared Rynn's hatred of Leon, however things in Sindweth had become quite hectic and that perhaps it would be wiser to return when things were less so. After hearing Magellus' tale, Rynn offered him some money to get back on his feet, and decided to join with him, along with another wild elf named Griggs. Magus needed a ship to get to the other continent as that was his destination, Rynn decided to help him out anyway he could, and they later found the Candy Pirate Garion... Rynn thought Garion was just an idiot, however Griggs had taken a special sort of liking to him.

The next morning Rynn, Garion, and Griggs, set out to find Garion's ship which was in the port town beyond the mines. They set off ahead and allowed Magus and the huntress to catch up. Rynn liked the mine as they were waundering through the group found a cart, and Rynn got the brilliant idea for a shortcut through, by pushing the cart some and diving inside, allowing Rynn, Griggs, and Garion fast passage through the mines. The idea was brilliant until the cart came to the end of the line, Griggs came out fine, but Rynn and Garion were a bit dazed afterwards. The small group fought their way out of the mines and eventually made it to the port town where they awaited Magellus and the huntress' arrival.


Rynn inevitably tracks down the dark knight Leon Verdorbenon in a dark chapel. Swearing to strike down the knight he charges toward Leon and they begin to fight violently. After some time the fight is taken outside where Sophitia Verdorbenon comes along. Seeing her brother and Rynn fighting fearing for the lives of both her friend and brother she throws herself in between the two just as Rynn was about to throw a deadly blow to Leon he stopped inches before inadvertedly cutting Sophitia. Leon however took the opportunity to thrust his sword under Sophitia's arm and running his sword into Rynn's ribs, afterwards Leon twisted the blade and violently slashed outward. Rynn stood briefly staring at Sophitia then fell asking “...Why?”