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Leader Sindweth Council
Nation Bright Cities
Alignment Neutral
Languages Deslan, Common, Tian, Dwarven, Gnomish, Elven
Government Council of Rulers
Size Small Town

Sindweth was the major trade city of the Bright Cities, until it was recently razed in an onslaught by Leon Verdorbanon. Now the remaining refugees are seeking to rebuild, and looking to a new council to do it.



Sindweth started simply as a meeting place in the road between Kyth-Tiras and Tazaarya. Over time it developed as when merchants preferred to simply stop there to trade with other merchants rather than travel the full distance to their destination. When people noticed this, they began setting up defenses to protect from bandit invasion and places to rest. Before long, a town had formed.


Sindweth had two main rulers. The first was Lord Braxton who was the figurehead for the town. He dealt in the affairs of the other nobility, making council with Kyth-Tiras, Tazaarya, Thadeus, and the nobles of Tianoku. The second and more direct leader is Lord Eldore who dealt directly with the common people. Eldore also acts as the magistrate of the region, and commands far more respect than Lord Braxton within his town, a fact that Braxton hates, but has to accept.

Lord Eldore used the tenants of the Triad to establish the laws of Sindweth.

More recently, in the absence of Lords Braxton and Eldore, what remains of Sindweth has fallen to the Sindweth Council. They seek to rebuild and currently have a good start on a Beerhall.


The church of The Triad is the most prominent in Sindweth, though followers of Shiro and Kuro are both large within the area, causing one of the major sources of conflict for the town. It is rumored there might be a secret shrine of Marlgaas somewhere under the town. Lastly, the Beerhall has a large shrine to Turmidtilo established within.


The Braxton family lived in the largest house in Sindweth, prior to it being razed.

Currently Residing

Sindweth Defenders, Sasha Mihailovich, Fione Braxton

Notable People

Garion the Candy Pirate

Elohim Kadmon