Sindweth Defenders

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While the Sindweth Council is on a mission to save the world, the Sindweth Defenders are the people of importance charged with defending the town. The unit type corresponds with the Wargame Rules.

Hero Unit Type
Viktor Belenko Elite Heavy Cavalry (lawful)
Hunan *will join battle 2 Skirmish Cavalry (chaotic)
Karl Evongaut Elite Heavy Blades (chaotic)
Rith Doombringer Heavy Blades (chaotic)
Vincent ValVeto Heavy Spears (lawful)
Bill Belmondo Elite Heavy Warband (chaotic)
Porcius Ultan Heavy Warband (chaotic)
Daryl Light Infantry (lawful)
Seth Amir Light Infantry (lawful)
Dajaan Light Infantry (lawful)
Niku Umami Light Infantry (lawful)
Griggs Archers (chaotic)
Lars and Jacob Skirmishers (chaotic)
Artillery (lawful)
2x Horde (chaotic)