Sir Guyas

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Sir Guyas
Full name Guyas
Race Human
Age 33
Height 5'10
Weight fat
Hair blonde and balding
Eyes brown
Skin fair
Class Paladin
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Guyas is a knight who managed to gain a foothold on a significant portion of land mostly through his family connection with King Doyl D'alba. Prior to that he was a squire of the famous knight Lawrence Valdamir diPaladine. With Alba and Alemaania at war, he fears the probable loss of his fiefdom and has basically declared war on everything in a fit of blind madness.



Guyas appears as a fat balding knight who wields a giant hammer.


Guyas comes off as not very intelligent and even less charismatic. Much of the things he says are inane at best and it appears that he has only gotten as far as he has through nepotism. Most people that meet him generally wish they hadn't, even his allies.


A Promising Squire

Guyas began as a squire to the proud Knight Lawrence Valdamir diPaladine. They went together on several adventures. However Guyas grew increasingly jealous of Lawrence. He remained in awe of not only the promising abilities of the knight, but also upset by the fact that he was unable to emulate his master's greatness. His jealousy compounded when he discovered that most of the women he ran across preferred his master as well.

Fall From Grace

Guyas eventually left Lawrence's shadow and proceeded to take up a different code. He allied himself with Lawrence's sworn foe, the dark goddess Thax-Thalna. He kept this secret, though he also did what he could to assist the evil Order of the Lily whenever possible. He was given a small estate by his uncle, and he later used nefarious methods to make his estate grow larger.

Rise of Alba

When his great-uncle Doyl needed assistance to conquer the Isle of Alba, Guyas assisted him in exchange for further lands there. Some time not too long after, the Emperor declared that all vassals of Doyl were traitors to the Empire. At hearing this Guyas went insane and led an assault on his own people.

Out of Game Information

Guyas was a character played by Stewie, and was effectively a lame copy of Lawrence. His character's personality pretty much resembles the personality of the actual player.