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Full name Thantar Thalvara
Race Human
Age 38
Birthday  ?
Height 6'3
Weight slightly thin
Hair dark brown
Eyes brown
Skin rust-colored
Class Rogue/Wizard (Transmutation Specialist)
Prestige Red Wizard
Alignment Neutral Evil

Thantar was initially a mercenary mage in league with the Bronze Contingent and the Church of Kuro. After he was defeated twice by a group of adventurers outside of Tazarya, he decided to cut his losses and assist them by becoming a merchant and selling them quality items to assist them on their quest. Since then he has been very good at choosing the better side of a combat situation.



Thantar appears as a tall man with dark brown hair. He is frequently found with facial hair and prefers garments of red and gold. He wears a golden headband and has many arcane tattoos covering his body. A slight tilt in his ears betray the possibility of some elven lineage, though he denies it.


Thantar is first and foremost, an opportunist. He makes no effort to hide this aspect of his personality. Since his initial defeat, he has been extra careful to ensure that he is not ever on the losing side again. The second large aspect of Thantar is that he is cautious, nearly to the point of cowardice. He makes certain never to place himself in the direct line of danger if he can help it, and will frequently ensure his survival by being certain to offer services that only he can uniquely provide.


Thantar was born to a family of wizards in Desla. He was a bit of a prodigy child and was trained in magical arts, of which transmutations seemed to be his best subject. Thantar met with the mages Maris and Joan in his youth and the three of them formed an arcane mercenary company. Their trio joined up with various warlords who paid them to depose and dispose of other warlords. They made a good living doing this for nearly ten years. After the death of the Deacon, the Church of Kuro hired them to assassinate John Lockley and his companions. The first attack resulted in the death of his companion Maris, and the second attack, which was much more well planned, resulted in the death of his other companion Joan, as well as several others. Thantar realizing the power that Lockley held, decided to stage his death of escape the sight of the Church of Kuro, and made a new business selling Lockley's teammates magical weaponry. He has since then "gone straight" as it were, preferring a mercantile life to the mercenary one. More recently, Thantar has connected with some powerful individuals who seem interested in thwarting the affairs of Logan Amir.

Out of Game Information

I'm not really certain how I came up with Thantar, though he was initially a henchman for a wargame that never came to fruition. He and the other henchmen appeared in a later campaign, of which he was the only survivor.