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Full name Valanch Salatul-Kothag
Race Aasimar
Eyes red & gold
Class Fighter/Magus
Alignment Chaotic Neutral



His most distinguishable feature is his heterocoromian eyes, one is crimson, the other gold. Many think it's not due to genetics, but by his seemingly spilt personality. Red for battle, gold for peace. He has the appearance of a seraph.


Valanch is a down to earth person who never found solace in the world of politics. As he is a bit of a recluse, his book and street smarts for construction are rarely given equal. As a companion, he has an almost morbid since of humor, but as a friend in battle, he can lend his magic and might to fend off foes.


Valanch was found in the Goblyn Lands carrying a one-legged horse. How he landed himself there is unknown, but he is wanted in Alemaania after an inside joke between him and Lord Gellart got blown out of proportion. Valanch carried a sentient sword named Gräm. Shortly after meeting the Sindweth Council they ran into Morgana's cave. Valanch approached the cave where a small figure Maggz was eating part of a body. As Valanch approached peacefully, Maggz pulled his scythe and took Valanch's head off in one swoop. *THUNK!*

The party were later accused of Valanch's death by Gräm, and had to testify in the court of Shadesteel.

Valanch was turned into an undead monster - a dullathain - by Velvetcina MaLace. He then attacked the party several times in revenge for the death of Morgana. He was finally dispatched by the Sindweth Council.

Out of Game Information

Valanch was played by Alex.