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Full name Valeron of Dearth Shire
Race Halfling
Height short
Class Rogue/Wizard
Prestige Arcane Trickster/Master of Masks
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Played By Max

Valeron is an ex-party member who conspired, along with Eduardo, to steal the ORBS that the party had aquired and use them to "ressurect the dark god" as their parting note stated. Wheither this is true or not remains to be seen.

Valeron has gone by many names during the time he was with the party, including: Valeron the Seer, Lord Valeron of Dearth Shire, and signed his parting gift to the party Valeron the Betrayer. He has a talent with theatrics and had frequent personality shifts.


Valeron comes from the region known as Marlkova, a dreadful place creeping with undead. Dearth Shire, his families estate, lies near the regions center. Valeron has some sort of dispute with his parents, whom he has stated he wants dead. The party has encountered several bands of vampires sent by Valeron's parents.

Valeron was sent away from Dearth Shire as a youth due to a sensitivity to necromancy that left him very ill. He was enrolled in an academy for wizards and set to work becoming a specialist with divination, which he displayed a talent with. Upon leaving the academy he attempted to return home, only to find himself disinherited and the estate crawling with the undead. Upon further investigation he discovered that his mother was using necromancy towards some vile end and that she had twisted his father into a creature under her personal control.

Time with the Party

Valeron was a trusted companion of the party, after some initial doubt as to his loyalty. He was responsible for many of the parties victories, however, he also attempted to assassinate several party members, wheither or not they are aware of his attempts are another matter. Several party members do suspect that he had disguised himself as a cleric that was with the party for a short time and gave them several potions that would have had less than pleasant effects. He is also known to have killed one of the noobs by feeding him a potion of something-that-had-to-do-with-fire. Valeron took up the cause of Turmidtilo and Lord Pennyweather in establishing shrines and way-houses. He was also fond of distributing holy symbols. Valeron occasionally vexed the party by giving away expensive items or doing things his way, as opposed to the common-sense way.

What the party failed to see was the face behind all of the masks that Valeron wore. His true alignment was never discerned, though several party members assumed he was chaotic neutral. Valeron had plotted the parties betrayal for sometime, especially after making a pact with Eduardo. Using their combined talents, the Valeron and Eduardo pulled off the heist with out a problem and are presumed to be up to no good. Several party members have sworn to "kill those bastards."

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