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Full name Varwen
Race Eladrin
Age young
Birthday Feb. 13
Height 5'2
Weight slender
Hair white
Eyes green
Skin pale
Class Paladin/Psychic Warrior
Alignment Chaotic Good



Varwen appears as an attractive young elf, with green eyes and a large blade along her back. She is scantily clad in white robes.


Varwen's love is no less than that of her father Destin. She takes delight in all life and beauty than can be found in the world. In fact, she slept with both the dreaded candy pirate Garion and the thief Lars because of their similar love for life and all its pleasures. But, while enjoying life is one thing, Varwen stands firm against selfish personal gain at the expense of the innocent. She will not hesitate to fight to the death against those who would take the freedom or happiness of the good peoples of the world, and she bears a particular fury for the followers and servants of Kuro, the patron god of tyranny. However, she is not without mercy, known to have plead for a member of an attacking army to repent even as his comrades marched onwards against her friends below (Varwen having psionically metamorphosed into the form of a winged angel at the time). And when her most beloved friend Flaei was killed, Varwen adopted the persona of an avenger, stopping at nothing to restore her to life, as she eventually did.


Lineage of Varwen

While her dominant elven blood tied Varwen more closely to the material plane than the Arboreal paradise of the Realm of Heroes, she did indeed grow up there. Yet her story begins before ever she was born. Ages past, Vorwen's mother was not born, but artificially created by the demons of the Abyss in a secret laboratory located on the material plane. And while she lay in stasis, unconscious, yet fully alive and breathing, in her womb was planted, through magical means, a half-demonic seed. Yet shortly after, this she-elf, who had been created with her own inherent psychic powers, managed to escape from her demonic progenitors. She found her way to an elven settlement where she lived out the remainder of her long pregnancy in peace, and her kinsfolk gave her the name Varweth. Yet when the child was born, whom she named Variel, she saw that he had the vile horns inherent to the demons. And so she exposed the child, sending him down the nearby river, and, ashamed, took her leave of the elves. However, sensing the awakening of Voriel, the demons set out upon her trail, and had nearly caught her, when she was rescued. Destin, eladrin Knight of Stars, servant of Lady Morwel, Queen of the eladrin race, and herself a servant of Peartion, creator and patron of all the elves, had arrived, appearing as an angelic winged elf bearing a massive shining axe. Destin and his squires vanquished the pursuing demons and spirited the lovely Varweth away to their home in Arborea. There Destin explained that he had been dispatched by Lady Morwel, under orders from the God of the Elves, to help this tragic elf woman. Yet Varweth knew only that she loved Destin with all her heart, seeing the great love for his kin that even the elves with whom she had stayed had not. She told him about the demon child Variel, and he said that he already knew. And so her love became total and unconditional. They were soon wed before Lady Morwel, and together had a daughter, Vorwen. Vorwen, having lived a long life in Arborea hearing the stories of her immortal father's continuous valor, decided that she must follow suit, but when she pleaded to the Court of Stars to be made a Knight, they rejected her on the grounds that she had no merit. She brought the same plea before Destin in private, and he bestowed upon her the gift of his weapon, the axe Deva, and sent her to the material plane to set to rights the wrongdoing of the cult of Kuro. This mission she gladly accepted, and has made numerous friends along the way, none more than the half-elven sorceress Flaei. Yet recently, her war against tyranny has led her to an encounter with a creature calling himself Variel, about whom her parents had never told her. Yet she knew, due to his incredible similarity of face to her. And so, defeating him, she took him as a captive back to Arborea and now hopes to petition once again, after all her deeds, to join the ranks of the Knights of Stars.

Rise of Samiel

Varwen is an angelic elf-like creature who frequently transmutes to and from a glowing colorful orb. She has presented herself as an agent for some sort of organization dedicated to the same goals as the party, and teleported Mormak and Vintingle to assist her. When things didn't work out with them, she brought the rest of the party to her organization's base, located in Nox. She informed them of the location of an Orb there, though she disappeared shortly after. Varwen later appeared in the Realm of Heroes, introducing Balthamel of Lath and Keean to the party shortly before getting brutally killed by Bethuel.