Viktor Belenko

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Viktor Belenko is the captain of the guards in the town of Nox.

Viktor Belenko
Full name Viktor Belenko
Race Human
Age 36
Height 5' 9"
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Bald. Has a black goatee.
Eyes Brown
Skin White
Class Marshal
Prestige Legendary Leader
Alignment Lawful Neutral



Viktor has lead a seemingly normal existence, living his whole life in the city of Nox. At the age of 17, he enrolled to become a guard in Nox. He dutifully rose through the ranks to become the captain of the guard at age 33. Upon his promotion, he became inducted into Varwen's organization.

Viktor first ran into the Traveling Circus as Varwen teleported them into the city. Nox was suffering from eternal darkness and was besieged by Deathgar, and his orc army. After a lengthy battle, the orc army was defeated and an orc commander lay dead. Shortly later it was discovered that Duke Branimir Rusic had an orb in his possession that was causing the darkness.

Since Sammael's ascension, Viktor and his most trusted guards have been dutifully guarding the city of Nox and the surrounding areas from demon invasion. His first encounter with the other-worldly beings was a failure, as the power of the demons quickly overwhelmed Viktor's force. Viktor was able to organize an orderly retreat so his squad could fight another day. He then quickly organized a defense in a mountain pass leading to Nox where he was able to stall the demon horde approaching the city. This victory made him the de-facto military leader of the independent cities for fighting the demon hordes.

Fighting Style

During his only appearance, Viktor was a straight Level 6 Fighter using a warhammer. This was because there wasn't that much time to roll the character. In any future appearances, Viktor will be a level-appropriate Marshal/Legendary Leader. He will be commanding a squad of fellow soldiers.

Viktor's Elite Guard

As a military commander, Viktor personally commands four other soldiers as his elite guard. Between battles, their main focus is Viktor's personal safety. During battle, these soldiers along with Viktor form the "sharp tip of the spear" to pierce enemy lines and allow rank-and-file troops to rout the enemy and prevent retreat. All members of the elite guard are Fighter/Cavaliers.

The elite guard is as follows:

Out of Game Information

Viktor Belenko is the name of a Soviet pilot who defected to the West, by flying his (then) state-of-the-art MiG-25 Foxbat from the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union to a civilian airport in Japan. The CIA returned the airplane to the Soviets, disassembled.
Viktor's Appearance is reminiscent of Kane from the Command & Conquer series. I approve.