Vincent ValVeto

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Vincent ValVeto
Full name Vincent ValVeto
Race Human
Age 22
Birthday Oct. 2
Height 5'11
Weight thin
Hair black
Eyes brown
Skin olive
Class Cleric//Paladin
Alignment Lawful Good

Vincent Valveto is a travelling priest of Minaya who embarks on missions for his church while on his never-ending search for his elusive fraternal twin brother Vesper.



Vincent is a tall man with long black hair. He frequently dresses in a white tunic over his bronze armor and wears a green cloak. His face sports a black goatee. His chest bears a bronze holy symbol of Minaya.


Vincent has a no-nonsense attitude, but despite this maintains a cheerful demeanor. It is easy to get him to smile. He is intensely loyal to his friends and dedicated to his causes. He has an obsession with hunting down his brother Vesper for purposes unknown.


A travelling priest of Minaya, Vincent was making his way toward Tianoku when he briefly split off from his party. On a mission for the church, he found himself in combat by the witch Velvetcina and was defeated. He awoke later encaged by orcs, where he was left presumably to die. However a band of adventurers came to his rescue.

Vincent has currently joined up with the party, at least temporarily, on their way back to Kyth-Tiras.

Meanwhile in Kuni, Krios went asking of his whereabouts, but it turned out, the contact he was to meet with stated he had yet to show up. Can Head still waits for Vincent's arrival.

Out of Game Information

Vincent Valveto is a character made by Sean Cannon, and used and modified with permission. He is also an amalgam of two other characters named Vincent played by Kirby and Stephen Welch, though these two characters were more conceptual than actual characters with each not lasting more than a session or two.