Waldorf Goodhue

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Waldorf Goodhue
Full name Waldorf Goodhue
Race Human
Age 64
Hair black
Eyes black
Skin fair
Class Wizard/Archivist
Class Theruge
Alignment Chaotic Evil





The lord of Aurora, Lord Goodhue seemed to know a great deal of what was going on, and is said to be the heir to Palis after Seseron. It is rumored that he is being passed up for a new man who is deadly efficient about the law enforcement.

Waldorf was also the Vessel for Sammael, and is presumed dead in light of Sammael's resurrection.

Out of Game Information

Waldorf Goodhue is a character made by Sean Cannon. His name comes from the two of us driving down West Market Street and passing the side streets "Waldorf" and "Goodhue" in that order.